Trailer Mounted Well Drilling Rig
Trailer Mounted Well Drilling Rig
Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig
Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

The trailer mounted water well drilling rig is named after the way of walking is traction and it is used to drill wells. Its unique wheeled traveling mechanism and hydraulic cylinder pillar make it easy to move. The trailer mounted drilling rig is equipped with high-torque hydraulic motor rotation and large-bore hydraulic cylinder propulsion. It has high drilling efficiency. It can perform drilling work on different strata. So it can be used for engineering exploration, water well drilling, and mining. In addition, YG also provides crawler drilling rigs, and truck mounted water well drilling rigs.

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130M Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig Main Parameters

Machine modelYG-130 trailer mounted water well drilling rig
The hole diameter100-219mm
Drilling depth130m
One-time advance length2.3m
Walking speed3km/h
Climbing angles30Max.
Equipped capacitor23kw
Using air compressor1.45-2.5MPA
Air consumption15-29m³/min
Footage efficiency10-35m/h
Drill pipe diameterϕ76 ϕ89mm
Drill pipe length1.5 2.0m
Rig lifting force6T
Rapid rise speed15m/min
Fast feeding speed23m/min
Swing speed40-65rpm
Swing torque2200-3000N.m
Machine size3350*1560*2050mm
High leg stroke0.6m

The above is just one of the models of the YG trailer mounted water well drilling rig. YG trailer mounted well drilling rig series can drill wells with various depths such as 130m, 180m, and 200m. If you want to know more about YG drilling equipment, please contact us.

water well drilling rig factory
water well drilling rig factory
wheeled drilling rig
wheeled drilling rig

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Water Well Drilling Rig Classification

Water well drilling rigs are equipment for drilling water wells and completing operations such as running down well pipes and cleaning wells. According to different classification methods, there are many different classifications of water well drilling rigs. There are mainly four types of water well drilling rigs.

  • Classified according to drilling depth. According to this classification, it mainly includes shallow well drilling rigs, medium and deep well drilling rigs, deep well drilling rigs, and ultra-deep well drilling rigs.
  • Classified according to the driving mode. According to this classification, water well drilling rigs have mechanical drives, electric drives, and hydraulic drilling rigs.
  • Drilling method. According to the drilling method, there are rotary, percussion, and compound drilling rigs.
  • Way of walking. According to the way of walking, there are trailer mounted, truck mounted, and crawler water well drilling rigs.
trailer mounted borehole rig
trailer mounted borehole rig
Truck Mounted Boring Machine
Truck Mounted Boring Machine
Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig
Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig

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What Are The Applications Of Trailer Mounted Well Drilling Rig?

The trailer mounted water well drilling rig is suitable for a variety of construction empty cities. It can be used in mineral exploration, foundation construction investigation, geotechnical engineering investigation, civil water well drilling engineering, oil field exploration, and other fields. When working with this machine, not only the working efficiency is improved, but also the drilling quality is very high. It can achieve high-quality results with uniform roughness on the working surface and improve the drilling and sampling speed.

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Machine Details Display

power system

The power system adopts a big-brand diesel engine with sufficient power to ensure drilling efficiency.

The operating system and the centralized design of the operation panel make the operation more convenient and easy to operate.

operate system
shifting and slipping

On the basis of conventional equipment, shifting slides are added to realize quick replacement of drilling rigs and improve operating efficiency.

Small size, small footprint, lightweight, save space.

small machine size
wheeled walking

The trailer mounted water well drilling rig equips with a wheeled traveling mechanism and a hydraulic cylinder pillar for easy movement and adjustment.

The normally closed hydraulic chuck is convenient and flexible to operate, and it can realize non-stop reversing.

hydraulic chuck
pressure gauge

Equipped with a pressure gauge at the bottom of the hole, it is easy to grasp the situation in the hole and reduce the occurrence of accidents in the hole.

Customized Machine Design

As a water well drilling rig manufacturer, YG can provide customers with customized equipment according to their needs. Please check out the two-wheel, three-wheel, and four-wheel water well drilling rigs of YG Equipment below.


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Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig Advantages

  • The installed power is large, and it has two reverse speeds, which is convenient for handling accidents.
  • The control handles are centralized, the layout is reasonable and compact, and the operation is convenient, flexible, and reliable.
  • With a normally closed hydraulic chuck, the operation is convenient and flexible.
  • It has the independent operation of the vertical shaft and the winch. The lifting tower is hydraulically operated, which is convenient and feasible.
  • The drilling rig equips with a pressure gauge at the bottom of the hole to indicate the pressure. It is easy to grasp the situation in the hole.
  • The diesel engine adopts an electric start to reduce the labor intensity of workers.

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