DTH Drilling Machine for sale in Indonesia

DTH Drilling Machine for Sale in Indonesia

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Last month, we received a customer’s inquiry about the DTH drilling machine from Indonesia. We confirmed a lot of information with him, such as drilling depth, drilling diameter, drilling layers, and other aspects. After two weeks of discussion and communication, he chose and purchased 2 sets of DTH drilling rigs from our company. The equipment will be shipped in a recent days. If you are looking for the DTH drilling rig, please get in touch with us freely and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

DTH Drilling Machine for sale in Indonesia
DTH Drilling Machine for sale in Indonesia

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Specification DTH Drilling Machine for Sale in Indonesia

Drilling diameter50~203mm
Rock hardnessF=6~20
Drilling depth30m
Walking speed2.5km/h
Power typeDiesel
Fuel tank volume85L
Hydraulic oil tank volume188L
Diesel power58kw
Electric system12V
Working pressure0.7~2.1Mpa
Air consumption9~21m³/min
Highest horizontal drilling3.6m
Lowest horizontal drilling0.5m

What Is the DTH Drilling Rig?

DTH drilling rig is a special mining machine that is commonly used in mining operations in coal mines, metal mines, underground railways, and other projects. Its main purpose is to take ore by drilling in the ground. It can mine in narrow and difficult-to-access areas and can also ensure safety during the operation. Down-the-hole drilling rigs usually is applied to blast hole drilling and underwater drilling and blasting projects in metallurgy, mining, building materials, railways, hydropower construction, national defense construction and earthwork, and other open-air projects.

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air compressor for DTH drilling rig
air compressor for DTH drilling rig

Advantages of DTH Drilling Machine for Sale in Indonesia

1. Ability to mine ore in narrow spaces

The down-the-hole drilling rig mainly drills holes underground by aiming in the direction of the ore body and sends the steel pipe equipped with the drill bit into the hole for blasting, digging, and loading of minerals during the process. Due to its structural limitations, down-the-hole drilling machines can adapt to different mining environments and can mine ores in narrow places, which is incomparable with traditional mining equipment.

2. Improve mining efficiency

During the operation of the DTH drilling rig, the total mining time of the mine can be greatly shortened through the cooperation of multiple holes, making the efficiency of the DTH drilling machine significantly improved compared to traditional mining methods. Moreover, its operation process is relatively simple, and it only requires short-term training to get started quickly.

3. Ensure safety

Since the mining environment in mines is relatively harsh, it is necessary to use mining equipment that does not produce excretion gas, does not pollute the surrounding environment, and is safer for personnel. Down-the-hole drilling rigs can significantly reduce miners’ risks during the mining process while ensuring high mining efficiency.

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DTH Drilling Machine Manufacturer

DTH drilling rig is a hot product in Yugong Machinery. Our company has sold the DTH drilling machine to more than 50 countries all over the world and received great reviews. We pursue to provide high-quality and good-performance equipment to help our customers. Besides, we also supply rotary drilling pilling rig machines, hydraulic deep well drilling rigs, trailer-mounted water well drilling rigs, 200m truck-mounted water well drilling rigs, multifunctional crawler air water well drilling rigs, full hydraulic mining drilling equipment, diamond core drilling rigs, small water well drilling machines, etc. If you want to know more detailed information, please get in touch with us freely.

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