Hot road crack sealing machine
Crack Sealing Machine

The crack sealing machine is a kind of road maintenance machine, which is mainly used to repair road cracks. The crack sealing filling machine can fill the cracks in the pavement, and driveway, walk behind with crack-sealing material and ordinary asphalt. At present, Yugong mainly provides small pavement crack sealing machines and large hot crack sealing machines. The road crack filler machine can be widely used in various small and large highways, municipal engineering, and so on.

Hot Crack Sealing Machine Application
Hot Crack Sealing Machine Application

Parameter of Small Crack Sealing Machine

Hopper volume50L60L80L
Discharge methodSelf flowAsphalt pump feedAsphalt pump feed
Heating methodLiquefied gasLiquefied gas + heat transfer oilLiquefied gas + heat transfer oil
Temperature controlTemperature sensor 180 ° (temperature control call)
Filling speed10m/min15m/min15m/min
Walking modePush-type + brake device
Mixing methodManual mixing
Power configurationSolar panels + batteriesYamaha gasoline generator + batterySolar panels + batteries

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Parameter of Large Asphalt Crack Filling Machine

Filling Capacity100L200L350L
Heating Time30min30-40min30-40min
Temperature Range0-200°C0-200°C0-230°C
Discharge Capacity0-12 L/min8L/min0-30 L/min
Generator2.3 kW2.8 KW5kw
Walking ModeManual or TractionManual or TractionTrailer or Self
BurnerRiello 445T1 Diesel EngineRiello 445T1 Diesel EngineRiello 445T1 Diesel Engine
Thermostat ControlSLA-5000 Temperature ControllerSLA-5000 Temperature ControllerSLA-5000 Temperature Controller
Length of Electric Heating Tube4-5 m4-5 m6-7 m

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Scope of Application for the Crack Sealing Machine

Asphalt joint filling machine uses asphalt jointing glue as raw material. It is mainly used for the waterproof treatment of irregular cracks on asphalt pavement, concrete pavement, bridge expansion joints, and water pipes. And gas pipe burying machine paving pavement joints. It is an asphalt joint grouting machine specially designed and produced by YG Machinery. Besides,YG also supplies asphalt coring machines, floor shot blasters, concrete scarifier machines, manhole cover cutting machines, and other road machinery.

Road Crack Sealing Machine Application
Road Crack Sealing Machine Application

Why Need A Crack Sealing Machine?

The crack filling machine is road machinery, mainly used for preventive maintenance of road diseases. Generally used with the slotting machine, seaming machine, or hairdryer (or thermal spray gun). A crack-filling machine is the core equipment of seam-filling technology.

Cracks are one of the main forms of early disease on expressways. Among them, linear cracks such as horizontal cracks and longitudinal cracks are the most common. Filling technology is the treatment technology for these diseases. Covers filling materials, filling equipment, and filling technology. The asphalt crack sealing machine is the core equipment of the filling technology. The function of the road crack-filling machine is to heat the cracks after grooving and cleaning the cracks. Use the filling gun to evenly pour the sealant into the groove to complete the seam repair work.

YG-50L Hand Push Small Crack Sealing Machine
YG-50L Hand Push Small Crack Sealing Machine

Various Models of Asphalt Road Crack Sealing Machine

YG Machinery has more than 15 years of experience specializing in the production and sales of road machinery. An asphalt crack sealing machine(or road crack sealing machine) is one of them. Yugong has various types of crack sealing machines for sale, mainly including large and small types. For rural roads, you can use small models of crack sealing machines such as 50L (YG-50L), 60L (YG-60L), and 80L (YG-80L). For municipal engineering or large highway projects, you can choose large-size crack filling machines such as 350L (YG-350L), 500L (YG-500L), etc. General engineering can use 100L (YG-100L), and 200L (YG-200L) crack filling machines. Please tell us your needs.

Asphalt Crack Filling Machine

Asphalt Crack Filling Machine

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Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine Characteristics

Full electronic control

The heating temperature, the heating of the discharge pipe, the operation of the burner, the operation of the asphalt pump, the fuel status, and the fault warning light are all displayed at the right time, and electronic automatic control can be realized.

Design of The Gun Handle

The humanized design of the gun handle of the seaming machine. The gun handle of the seaming machine is equipped with an electric control switch, which can remotely control the asphalt pump, avoiding waste, sanitation, and cleaning.

Manual Switch Design of The Gun Head

The gun head can be closed immediately after the filling of the joint is completed to avoid dripping the filling glue and causing road pollution. In addition, the gun head is equipped with electric heating to avoid material blocking.

Crack Sealing Filling Machine Details
Crack Sealing Filling Machine Details

Advantages of YG Crack Sealing Machine