Automatic Wall Plastering Machine
Automatic Wall Plastering Machine

The automatic wall plastering machine is a machine used in construction engineering, which is used to automatically plaster the wall. It saves the cost of setting up shelves in the plastering construction. The construction efficiency is extremely high, and one piece of equipment can replace the labor of 20 workers. The emergence of the automatic wall plaster machine solves the problems of low efficiency and uneven wall plastering. The automatic equipment can realize the function of automatic plastering, automatic lifting, and one-time molding. The thickness of the coating is adjustable.

Automatic Plaster Machine
Automatic Plaster Machine
Wall Cement Plaster Machine
Wall Cement Plaster Machine

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Automatic Plaster Machine Parameters

Plaster width1000mm
Rendering height2.6-3.5m
Rendering height5mm-30mm
Aggre_gate particle size of the target500㎡/8h
The motor power1.5kw
Cement-sand ratio1:3
Host package size1200*800*800mm

In fact, YG offers various models of wall cement plaster machines for you to choose from. If you want to know more details about this machine, please contact us to get a quotation.

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Automatic Wall Plastering Machine Application

An automatic wall plastering machine is ideal equipment for plastering residential buildings, office buildings, and private houses with hardened ground. The plasterable walls include cement walls, brick-concrete walls, and hollow walls. Applicable ash includes white sand ash, cement ash, foamed mortar gypsum, etc. The thickness of the powder wall is less than 4 cm. And the height of the powder wall is less than 3.5 meters.

A Indoor Plastering Machine in the building,waiting for plastering the wall.
Indoor Plastering Machine
Wall Plastering Equipment
Wall Plastering Equipment

Good Features Of Automatic Plaster Machine

  • The host adopts the rack climbing method, which changes the disadvantages of the old wire rope climbing.
  • The steel wire rope is not easy to break the rope when climbing. The coating is even and the vibration effect is good.
  • The climbing pole adopts the rack type with high flatness.
  • Use a manganese steel wiper, with durable and wear-resistant features
  • The bonding force of the powder wall is stronger than that of artificial strength. And the efficiency of the powder wall is high.
  • There is no ground ash during the construction process, which saves water, materials, and construction costs.
  • The construction efficiency of an automatic plaster machine can replace the work of 20 craftsmen, saving the cost of building racks.

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Wall Cement Plaster Machine Operating Instructions

  • Before plastering the wall, shade the wall a few days in advance, and do not shade the wall that does not absorb water.
  • Place dots or nails on the wall before using it.
  • Before delivery, the machine has been adjusted for flatness and locked. If there is no error, do not adjust.
  • Fix the wall cement plaster machine indoors for a dry run.
  • Put the bottom square tube on the dotted point. Push the wall to the wall, so that the tentacles of the chassis are close to the square tube. The operator puts the support between the vertical pole and the square pipe and presses the hydraulic pressure.
  • Fill up the ash hopper and the plastering mouth. Do not fill the ash around the two poles. The amount of ash to be filled depends on the height of the room and the thickness of the plastering wall.
  • If turns on the switch, the motor will automatically stop within 1 second, indicating the motor is reversed. Then change the sequence of switching in reverse order.
  • Start the button. Turn on the vibration and the conveyor belt at the same time. During the ascent, manually control the conveyor belt to send ash intermittently to reduce ground ash. When the distance from the top is 50cm, the conveyor belt automatically stops supplying ash. The trowel automatically changes the angle. If the machine is short of ash, the machine will stop or come down early.
Auto Plastering Machine
Auto Plastering Machine
House Plastering Machine
House Plastering Machine

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If you want to know more details about automatic wall plastering machines or other spraying machines, please contact us.

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