The vibratory road roller machine is often used in road construction to compact various non-cohesive soils, crushed stones, asphalt concrete, etc. This type of road roller compactor uses mechanical high-frequency vibration to resonate with the pressed material particles, reducing the friction between the particles and thereby being compacted. A two-ton vibratory roller is equivalent to a six-ton static smooth roller. Therefore, vibratory rollers have better compaction depth and effect than smooth rollers with the same dead weight.

3 Types of Road Roller Machines Introduction

A road roller machine is also called a hand road roller or walk-behind road roller. At present, there are three types of road roller compactor: walk-behind single-wheel rollers(hand-push single drum road roller). Walk-behind two-wheel rollers(hand-push double drum road roller), Ride-on road roller machines. There are two kinds of engines: diesel engines and gasoline engines. Please leave a message t tell us what kind of road roller is for sale you need.

FVR-600S Hand-Push Single Wheel Vibratory Road Roller
FVR-600S Hand-Push Single Wheel Vibratory Road Roller
FVR-600D Hand Two Wheel Vibratory Road Roller
FVR-600D Hand Two Wheel Vibratory Road Roller

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FVR-850 Ride-On Road Roller
FVR-850 Ride-On Road Roller
FVR-880 Hydraulic Ride-On Road Roller
FVR-880 Hydraulic Ride-On Road Roller

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Hand Road Roller Parameters

Engine power5.5HP6.0HP
EngineHONDA, air-cooled 4-stroke, OHV, single-cylinder
Walking speed2.4Km/h0-4Km/h
Water tank volume3.6L35L
Fuel tank capacity15L6L
Start methodManual controlElectric
Steel wheel size600*426mm600*426mm
Way of walkingTwo-way
Exciting force15KN25KN
Exciting frequency70Hz
Vibration clutch modeMechanical transmission, automatic centrifugal clutch

Ride-On Road Roller Machine Parameters

Walking speed0–4Km/h0-5Km/h
Water tank volume15L60L
Fuel tank capacity3.6L19L
Start methodElectric
Steel wheel size700*560mm(forward)500*426mm(back)740*530mm(forward)800*530mm(back)
Vibration frequency70Hz
Exciting force28KN32KN
EngineAir-cooled 4-stroke, OJV, single-cylinderWater-cooled 4-stroke, single-cylinder/air-cooled 4-stroke, single-cylinder
VibrationMechanical transmission, electromagnetic clutch

Why Use a Road Roller Compactor?

Using a road roller machine to press the road can achieve two purposes: one is to achieve the density required by the specification, and the other is to extrude a flat surface. The process of pressing the road surface generally includes initial pressure, recompression, and final pressure. In the initial compaction stage, when the vibration has no obvious effect on the compaction effect, the working speed can be increased.

Road Roller Compactor
Road Roller Compactor

Application of Vibratory Road Roller

Vibratory rollers are widely used in the entire project of compaction and leveling of roads or foundations. It can apply in the compaction of municipal roads, highway maintenance, building construction, sports venues, sidewalks, parking plants, and other pavements.

Vibratory Road Roller Application
Vibratory Road Roller Application

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Machine Working Principle

The vibratory road roller machine produces two pressures on the road surface during operation. One is the weight of the roller on the front wheel, and the other is the high-frequency vibration of the wheel using the eccentric block. When the motor inside the wheel rotates, it will drive the vibration shaft to rotate together, so that the eccentric block performs periodic motion. When it rotates to the upper part of the wheel, the resulting eccentric force moves the wheel upward. Drive the wheel down to form a downward force. Therefore, in the process of continuous rotation, the outer rolling wheel will form a cyclic up-and-down hammering movement. This hammering action can make the road surface firmer.

Road Flattening Machine
Road Flattening Machine
Road Roller Wheel
Road Roller Wheel

YG Small Road Roller Compactor Factory

YG Machinery mainly produces small construction machinery such as small road rollers, hand-held road rollers, car road rollers, one-way small plate compactors, two-way small wacker plates, etc. YG road roller for sale is small in size, compact in structure, easy to transport, powerful in work, and highly inefficiency. Contact us to get a new road roller price right now.

A small road roller can also be used with a heavy road roller. The roller is equipped with an extra-large water tank to reduce the trouble of water replenishment. Thereby increasing the continuous working time of the equipment. The adjustable and foldable operating handle brings a comfortable operating environment to the operator. In addition, it is convenient for transportation or storage after folding.

FVR-850 Single Wheel Ride-On Road Roller

FVR-850 Single Wheel Ride-On Road Roller

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Characteristics of road roller machine

  • The working radius is small. A road roller machine can work in a narrow area, and it is suitable for trench backfilling.
  • Superior performance, easy to start.
  • Using hydraulic drive, step-less speed change, easy to change direction.
  • The armrest adopts an adjustment device, which is suitable for operation by workers of different heights and is convenient for transportation.
  • The surface of the road roller for sale is sprayed with plastic to prevent rust and corrosion.
FVR-600D Hand Push Two Wheel Road Roller Price

FVR-600D Hand Push Two Wheel Road Roller

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