The road marking machine is also called a road painting machine, which is used to draw lines, arrows, signs, and other traffic signs on the road. Painting traffic signs on the road can play a role in controlling and guiding traffic. YG road construction machinery manufacturer offers two types of marking machines for sale, cold paint road marking machines and thermoplastic paint machines. The road marking machine can also be used with road cleaning equipment, water line machine, line removing machine, road planer, and other equipment. The road painting machine draws straight lines, and fast and accurate markings, so it is one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in urban planning and road construction.

road sidewalk marking
road sidewalk marking

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Two Types of Road Marking Machines

YG provides a thermoplastic paint machine and a cold spray stripping machine for sale. The cold spray marking machine is directly applied to the road dealers and does not need to heat the paint. However, the hot-melt paint used in the hot-melt marking machine needs to be heated and melted in a hot-melt kettle before marking.

Cold Spray Road Marking Machine
Cold Spray Road Marking Machine
Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine
Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

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Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Parameters

Machine NameModelNumbersUnitPicture
Advanced hand push YG3801set Advanced Hand Push
Advanced hand pushYG380(double bead sprinkler)1set Double Bead Sprinkle Hand Push
Advanced hand pushYG3601set 360 Advanced Hand Push
Advanced hand pushYG360(double spreader)1set 360 Double Spreader Hand Push
Advanced hand push YG3201set 320 Hand Push
 All-in-one Type YG1801set All-in-one Type
Electric TypeYG360S1set Electric Type Thermoplastic Paint Machine
Electric TypeYG380S1set 380 Electric Type
Electric TypeYG380S(double spreader)1set 380 Double Spreader Electric Type
Hot melt oscillating marking machineYGM1set Hot Melt Oscillating Marking Machine
self-propelledYGZ1set Self Propelled Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine
Line bucket10/15/20cm1set
Line bucket30/40cm1set
Line bucket45cm1set

Hot-melt road painting machine includes advanced hand push, electric, integrated, self-propelled, vibrating road painting machine, and so on. In addition, YG also provides marking buckets of 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 45cm, etc. Please leave us a message to tell us your needs.

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Cold Paint Road Marking Equipment Parameters

Machine NameModelNumbersUnitPicture
Double-cylinder double-pump vehicle-mountedYGM-III1set Double-cylinder Double-pump Vehicle-Mounted
Hand push high-pressure airless cold sprayYG-13L(single shot)1set Hand Push High Pressure Airless Cold Spray
Hand push high-pressure airless cold sprayYG-13L(double shot)1set
Hand push electric cold spray machine (electric)YG20001set Electric Hand Push Electric Cold Spray Machine
Two-component cold spray marking machineTwo-component1set Two-component Cold Spray Marking Machine
Two-component (40 cm)Two-component1set 40cm Two-component
Two-component (hand push, 15 cm)Two-component1set15cm Two-component

There are several types of cold spray road striping machines, such as double-cylinder double-pump vehicle-mounted, hand-push high-pressure cold spray, and two-component cold spray. Please leave us a message to get a quotation for the type of cold spray striping machine you want.

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Difference Between Thermoplastic and Cold Spray Road Marking Machine

Machine and scribe paint

The hot-melt marking machine needs to be equipped with a hot-melt kettle to melt the hot-melt material before marking. Matching hot-melt road painting machine with primer machine, marking bucket, etc. The cold spray marking machine can directly draw lines on the road. The road equipment common to both includes road blowers, road sweepers, line removers, etc.

Differences in marking materials

1m³ of hot-melt marking requires 4-5kg of materials, while 1m³ of cold spray marking requires only 0.25kg of paint. In comparison, cold spray painting is more economical and practical.

The thickness of the marking line is different

The thickness of the hot-melt marking line is 1.5-1.8MM, which has a three-dimensional effect, strong wear resistance, good reflective effect, fast drying time, and can be opened to traffic in 6 seconds. The thickness of the cold spray marking line is 0.3-1.2mm, the color is clear, with no reflective effect, poor wear resistance, easy to fall off, easy to change color, slow drying time, and open to traffic within 2 hours.

Holt Melt Kettle For Melting Paint
Holt Melt Kettle For Melting Paint

Machine prices are different

The price of the thermoplastic road striping machine is lower than that of the cold-spray type, but the hot-melt equipment needs to use more hot-melt coatings and the operation time is longer.

Length of life

Hot-melt scribes have a longer lifespan than cold-spray scribes. Hot-melt scribes can be kept for 2-3 years, while cold-spray scribes can only be kept for half a year.

The application range is different

Cold spray-type marking is generally suitable for marking parking lines, passage lines, guiding arrows, no-parking yellow line areas, etc. The hot-melt marking line is suitable for highways and airport markings, which have higher requirements for marking lines.

The above lists the difference between the two road line marking machines, please choose the right machine according to your needs.

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How Does a Road Marking Machine Work?

The operation process of the cold spray paint machine and the hot melt stripping machine are not the same. The following is an example of the thermoplastic road paint machine operation process.

Road Painting Machine for Road Marking
Road Painting Machine for Road Marking
  • Before using the road striping machine to draw lines, you need to clean up the stones and other impurities on the road. Check whether there are impurities in all parts of the machine and whether the screws are loose.
  • Put the glass beads into the glass bead box, the glass beads can increase the reflection effect.
  • Ignite and heat the hot melt kettle to melt the paint
  • Push the hot-melt road painting machine to the receiving part of the hot-melt kettle to pick up the material. When receiving the material, use a filter to filter the impurities in the paint to ensure the quality of the marked line.
  • Push the marking machine that has received the paint to the position where the marking is required. Adjust the position, put down the ruler, align it with the center of the reference line, and then let the marking machine draw the line according to the straight line.

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Features of Road Marking Machine

  • Simple structure, convenient operation, and convenient maintenance.
  • There are a variety of models to choose from, including cold-spray type and hot-melt type marking machines to meet the needs of different customers.
  • The construction efficiency is high, the marking quality is good, and the construction safety is good.
  • Straight marking, clear lines, rapid discharge, uniform spraying, sun protection, and wear-resistant technology upgrade.

Auxiliary Equipment

YG Road Construction Equipment Manufacturer also provides auxiliary equipment for road striping machines. For example, primer machine, water line machine, sweeper, hair dryer, and other equipment.

Road Marking Equipment
Road Marking Equipment

The primer sprayed by the primer machine is the adhesive material used when coating the hot-melt paint for road markings. It can prevent the peeling of the coating film and improve the adhesion between the coating film and the road surface. The waterline machine is used to play the reference line during the marking construction. A road sweeper is a piece of equipment used to sweep roads, it is used to clean roads and other surfaces.

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