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How to remove road line?

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The thermoplastic road marking removal machine is a special equipment used to remove old road lines. It is usually used in pre-processing equipment for road marking to treat damaged, cracked and discolored old lines. Road line remover machine can be used to remove lines from cold spray and thermoplastic marking line. The machine is widely used in various road conditions and has the characteristics of good grinding performance, fast speed and simple operation.

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Why remove old lines?

In the construction of modern cities, it is necessary to beautify the city and regulate the order of road driving and parking, so it is necessary to draw lines. However, some pavements have been marked for a long time, and have already produced a certain amount of wear and tear, and need to be re-marked. The old road marking may affect the marking of the new road and affect the normal driving of the driver, so it is necessary to remove the worn and damaged old marking.

road marking line removal machine
road marking line removal machine

Machine structure

As shown in the picture, the thermoplastic road marking removal machine mainly includes anti-skid handrail, accelerator, body, power, rocker, universal wheel and wear-resistant walking wheel. Among them, the grinding head next to the universal wheel plays the role of marking line removal. The grinding head of the road marking removal machine is a double-row inclined groove grinding head, which has the characteristics of stable cutting die, high efficiency, good heat dissipation and long service life.

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How to use remove road marking paint machine to remove old lines?

The motor of the machine drives the grinding head to rotate at high speed. The grinding head generates rotating centrifugal force when it rotates at high speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, it runs in with the old line on the road, so the old line can be removed. When clearing the old line, only requires one person to push the device through the old line to achieve the purpose of clearing the old line.

YG road marking removal machine
YG road marking removal machine

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Advantages of thermoplastic road marking removal machine

  1. The equipment is widely used in the removal and finishing of old roads such as highways, parking lots, pavements, etc.
  2. It is suitable for roads with different materials and different conditions;
  3. Using durable hard alloy grinding head, wear-resistant, long service time and fast removal speed;
  4. It can be matched with equipment such as thermoplastic road marking machine and hot-melt kettle to achieve road maintenance and beautification;
  5. The start rocker is easy to operate, and the machine can be started and closed according to the actual situation.
how to removal road marking line
how to removal road marking line

Other road processing equipment

In addition to the old line removal machine, Yugong Engineering Machinery also provides other matching equipment. Such as cold spray marking machine, hot melt marking machine, hot melt kettle, water line machine, road roller, crack sealing machine and other road construction equipment. As a professional construction machinery manufacturer, Yugong also provides equipment such as concrete cutting equipment, rebar equipment, prestressing machines and other equipment.

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