Automatic popcorn vending machine can be applied in shopping malls, amusement parks, coffee houses, tourist attractions, restaurants, plazas, universities, airports, pedestrian streets, and other entertainment and leisure places. As one of the most popular snacks, popcorn has a big market around the world. Compared with traditional popcorn making machine, the popcorn vending machine needs less labor cost. One person can manage several automatic popcorn vending machines at the same time. It’s a good choice for those who want to attract more customers to their stores or start a new business. If you are interested in this machine, please get in touch with us to get more information and further communication.

automatic popcorn vending machine
automatic popcorn vending machine

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Main Parameter of the Automatic Popcorn Vending Machine

Maximum power4100W
Working power2700W
Standby power120W
Production time150s
Use ambient temperature5-50
Screen size21.5 inche
popcorn vending machine details
popcorn vending machine details

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How to Make Popcorn by Using the Popcorn Vending Machine?

Using the automatic popcorn vending machine mainly needs four steps as follows.

Step 1: Choose your favorite flavor of the popcorn you want.

Step 2: Select the payment method for the popcorn.

Step 3: The popcorn vending machine starts making popcorn automatically.

Step 4: When popcorn production is completed, take the popcorn out.

popcorn vending machine
popcorn vending machine

Features of the Popcorn Vending Machine for Sale

  1. Clear touch screen, stylish, high-definition, sensitive, easy-to-operate equipment.
  2. Popcorn viewing window, clear at a glance.
  3. The popcorn outlet is isolated by a simple baffle.
  4. The coin slot is customizable.
  5. Unmanned operation, effectively reducing costs, convenient payment, intelligent management.

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Wide Applicable Scenarios of the Commercial Popcorn Vending Machine:

Squares, shopping malls, amusement parks, universities, airports, pedestrian streets, cinemas, video games, and other entertainment and leisure places.

Popcorn Vending Machine Price

The automatic popcorn vending machine price is an issue that most people are concerned about. Compared with the traditional popcorn making machine, the automatic popcorn vending equipment itself is higher. However, it has high-cost performance in the long term. Because it does not need a person to see it on the side always. The machine manager just needs to put raw materials into the machine and start it. Therefore, the labor cost is less than the traditional type in the long run. Of course, the price of the automatic vending machine will be different in function, quality, and specifications. People can choose the suitable one according to their actual needs. If you are interested in it, welcome to get in touch with us to learn more detailed information.

automatic popcorn vending machines display
automatic popcorn vending machines display

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Advantages of the Automatic Popcorn Vending Machine

  1. Fresh corn is popped, and good in color, flavor, and taste.  
  2. There are five flavors optional, original, caramel, peach, chocolate, and blueberry.
  3. The popcorn making process is visible, and full of fun.
  4. Intelligent backend, one person can manage multiple machines easily.
  5. Cloud detection, real-time remote viewing of machine status.
  6. Extra-large display screen, extremely playable.
  7. Independently developed cup system, safe and hygienic.
  8. Multiple payment methods are available, suitable for the majority of the countries in the world.

Popcorn Vending Machine Manufacturer

YG Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of automatic popcorn vending machines. Our company has 18 years’ experience in machine exporting. The automatic popcorn vending equipment and automatic cotton candy vending machines are popular around the world because of their beautiful appearance, intelligent operation, and delicious taste. In addition, we also provide other machines, like granule packaging machines for popcorn, premade pouch packing machines, paper cup forming machines, paper bowl making machines, paper bag machines, paper carton erecting machines, automatic can sealing machines, etc. If you are looking for these machines, welcome to contact us to get more details and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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