The pile foundation is an indispensable link in various engineering constructions such as housing construction and high-speed rail construction. In many construction projects, in order to ensure the concrete strength on the cast-in-situ pile, the elevation of the top of the pile will generally exceed the elevation of the designed pile top. In a few days, it is necessary to use a concrete pile cutter to cut off this super high part.

Round Concrete Pile Cutter Working Site
Round Concrete Pile Cutter Working Site

Why is Hydraulic Concrete Pile Cutter Popular?

Before using the hydraulic pile cutter to cut piles, some use pneumatic picks or hydraulic hammers for full-section chisel removal. This method may cause cracking or spalling beneath the concrete surface. This not only damages the pile foundation but also takes time and effort. The hydraulic pile breaker can avoid this from happening.

concrete hydraulic pile breaking machine application
Concrete Hydraulic Pile Breaking Machine Application

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Concrete Pile Cropper Operation Steps

  • According to the construction pile diameter, refer to the datasheet to combine the corresponding number of modules.
  • Hang the assembled hydraulic pile cropper on the front end of the excavator, and connect the pipeline of the excavator or the pipeline of the hydraulic station.
  • Enter the construction site and set the hydraulic pile breaker machine on the pile head to be broken
  • Use the power of the excavator or hydraulic station to break piles.
  • Lift the concrete block behind the cut pile and transfer the broken pile block to the designated location.
  • After breaking a part of the pile head, move the machine down 30~50cm, and continue to break the pile.
  • Repeat the above steps several times until the pile heads are completely broken, and then clean up the broken piles.

Remarks: During pile cutting, the system pressure of the excavator can be adjusted according to the strength of the poured concrete. Pressurize the cylinder until the concrete pile breaks under intense pressure.

Pile Cutting Process
Pile Cutting Process

Features of Concrete Pile Cutter Machine

  1. Modular design. It is a device assembled from multiple modules, and modules can be added or reduced according to pile cutting requirements.
  2. Excellent design. The tapered tip design of the modular pile cutter avoids the problems of rod sticking, deflection, and fracture.
  3. Wide adaptability. This equipment can be widely used in cutting house construction piles, engineering piles, special-shaped piles, and other piles.
  4. Customized service. YG construction machinery supplier provides pile cutting machine customization service, which can customize 4~18 modules.

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