The rebar bender machine is one of the rebar processing machinery. It is a CNC steel bending machine, which belongs to the machine for straightening, bending and cutting of steel bending structures. The steel bar bending machine has a very wide range of applications in steel bar processing plants, buildings, roads and other construction projects. The movable steel bar bendermachine in this industry has extremely high working efficiency, which is more than 20 times of manual efficiency. In addition, it has the advantages of small footprint, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance.

rebar bending machine for sale
rebar bending machine for sale

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Steel rebar bender machine composition

The working mechanism is a horizontal working disc that rotates on a vertical axis. The steel bar is placed in the dotted line in the figure. The support pin is fixed on the machine tool. The center pin and the bending pin are mounted on the working disc. The disc rotates when you bend the rebar. To bend steel bars of various diameters, there are several holes in the working plate for inserting bending pin shafts. And central pin shafts of different diameters can also be replaced accordingly.

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Rebar Bending Machine Application

It is suitable for the construction of various common carbon steel, rebar, etc. into various geometric shapes required for engineering. Rebar bending machine in our company, because of its simple structure, reliable work, and sensitive operation, can bend 6-40 mm or 6-50 mm steel bars into various shapes required in bridges and construction projects. Rebar bender for sale in our factory is very popular with prefabrication plant and construction site operators.

Bending Rebar Application
Bending Rebar Application

Advantages of Rebar Bending Machine 

  1. More humane and convenient design. There are four wheels on the bottom corner of the rebar bending machine, which makes it easy to move.
  2. All solid precision steel disc. The disc is made of high-quality steel, making it more durable and more efficient.
  3. All high-quality steel accessories. The rebar bending machine is equipped with fifteen accessories, all made of high-quality steel.


Model Technical Parameter
YG-RB40 Motor Power(kw) 3
Rebar Diameter(mm) 6-32
Round Bar Diameter(mm) 6-40
Weight(kg) 100
Dimension(mm) 800*790*780
Motor Power(kw) 3
Rebar Diameter(mm) 6-36
YG-RB42 Round Bar Diameter(mm) 6-42
Weight(kg) 240
Dimension(mm) 910*755*800
Motor Power(kw) 4
Rebar Diameter(mm) 6-40
YG-RB50 Round Bar Diameter(mm) 6-50
Weight(kg) 320
Dimension(mm) 995*805*770

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CNC Rebar Bending Machine Structure

The steel bar bending machine belongs to the improvement of the rebar bending machine structure. The utility model comprises a speed reducer, a large gear, a small gear, and a curved disk surface, and is characterized in that in the structure: a two-stage brake motor is directly connected to the speed reducer for the first-stage reduction. A small gear meshes with a large gear for two-stage reduction. The curved disk surface is always driven to rotate. A central shaft hole and a plurality of curved shaft holes are provided on the curved disk surface. A plurality of positioning shaft holes is respectively provided on the positioning square bars of the worktable surface.

Because the two-stage brake motor is directly connected to the reducer for one-stage deceleration, the ratio of input and output revolutions is accurate, the bending speed is stable and accurate, and the speed can be changed automatically using electric control, and the brake can ensure the bending angle. Use the forward and reverse rotation of the motor to bend the rebar in both directions.

CNC Rebar Bender Machine Structure
CNC Rebar Bender Machine Structure

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Five Main Precautions for Using Manual Rebar Bender

  1. When using manual rebar bender to bend the thick steel bar with a horizontal spanner, pay attention to mastering the operation essentials, stand firmly on the heels, stand in a lunge with both feet, put the board in place, pay attention to the board saw, the board clamps the steel bar, and force slowly when bending, don’t use too much force to prevent the board from being pulled off and people may be thrown.
  2. It is not allowed to bend the thick steel bar by manual rebar bender at a high place or on a scaffold to avoid falling from a high place due to pulling off the lever during operation.
  3. During operation, insert one end of the steel bar that needs to be bent into the gap provided by the turntable. The other end is fixed against the body and pressed by hand.
  4. Check the body to ensure that it is installed on the side that blocks the steel bar.
  5. When bending high-hardness or low-alloy steel bars, the maximum limit diameter should be changed according to the specifications on the mechanical nameplate, and the corresponding core should be replaced.

How To Use Rebar Bender for Sale

  1. First, check whether the mechanical performance is good, the table and the rebar bender for sale table are kept horizontal, and various mandrel tool stops are prepared.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the working radius of the bending steel bars and the side where the fuselage is not fixed. The bent semi-finished products shall be stacked neatly and the hooks shall not face upwards.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to replace the mandrel, change the angle, and adjust the speed during operation, and do not refuel or remove it.
  4. When bending steel bars, it is strictly forbidden to process the steel bar diameter, the number of bars and the mechanical speed exceeding the mechanical requirements.


Accessories of Rebar Bending Equipment For Sale

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Rebar Bending Machine Manufacturers-YG

As a manufacturer of rebar processing, YG produces rebar bending machines and keeps innovating and exploring advanced technology. We believe quality is the foundation of our reputation and guarantee machine quality. We have sold this machine for years and our clients all speak highly of our products. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you need it.

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