Premade pouch packing machine is an ideal automatic pouch packing machine for various preformed bags, widely used in powder, granule, liquid, and paste filling and sealing by matching different types of filling parts. The equipment adopts a full servo system, which is intelligent, efficient, and accurate. There are 8 work positions and 10 work positions optional, orderly finishing premade pouches taking, feeding, date coding, opening, filling, and sealing. For different materials packaging, the rotary premade bag packing machine can add corresponding devices, such as brush for cleaning the top of the bag, vibratory unit for the material to the bottom of the pouch, etc. If you are looking for a premade bag packing machine for powder, granule, liquid, or paste, please get in touch with us to get more information about the equipment.

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Powder Stand UP Pouch Packing machine  

Premade pouch packing machine for powder consists of the main machine, auger powder filling device, and screw elevator. The screw material loading machine is used for conveying material into the screw powder hopper for filling. When the premade pouches are fed to the filling work position, the auger powder filling part will fill the material into the preformed bags one by one, and the auger can measure the volume of the material. Due to the features of the powder, the preformed pouches may remain on the bag mouth so that it’s not easy to seal well. Therefore, for powder filling and sealing, we add a brush position to clean the bag mouth after filling the material so as to seal well. If you have other requirements for the premade bag powder packing machine, welcome to get in touch with us for more detailed information.

premade pouch packing machine for powder
premade pouch packing machine for powder

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Granule Zipper Pouch Packing Machine

Premade bag packaging machines for granules mainly include four devices, main packing machine, combination multi-head weigher, electrics scale platform, and Z-type material loading device. The Z-type elevator is composed of vibration feeding and automatic lifting, conveying material to the multi-head weigher. Then the combination scale weights the material and fill material to the premade pouches, which is highly efficient and accurate. The combination of the multi-head weigher and the premade packaging main machine is widely used in granules packaging, such as peanut, nuts, pistachio nuts, melon seeds, snacks, rice crust, candy, tea leaf, coffee bean, oats, etc.

multi-head weigher packaging machine for preformed bags
multi-head weigher packaging machine for preformed bags

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Liquid Sachet Filling Sealing Machine

The preformed bag packaging machine for liquid is composed of the main packaging machine and the liquid pump filling part. The liquid pump can measure the filling volume for filling. The liquid-preformed pouch packing machine is suitable for shampoo, body wash, liquid laundry detergent, sauce, and so on. The applicable premade bags include a stand-up pouch, zipper pouch, spout pouch, flat bag, special shaped pouch, gusset bag, flat bottom bag with zippers, zip lock pouch, back seal bag, etc. If you are interested in the equipment, please get in touch with us freely to learn more details.

liquid stand up pouch packing machine
liquid stand-up pouch packing machine

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Premade Pouch Packing Machine Parameter

Packaging  speed80bags/min80bags/min80bags/min≤100bags/min
Bags sizeL≤360mm, W≤210mmL≤360mm, W≤250mmL≤360mm, W≤300mmL: 120-380mmW: 90-210mm
Air consumption6kg/m², 0.4m³6kg/m², 0.4m³6kg/m², 0.4m³5-7kg/cm², 0.4m³
WeightAbout 700kgAbout 700kgAbout 720kgAbout 600kg
Suitable packaging bag typesPreformed bags, stand-up bags, flat bags, zipper bags, four-side seal bags, paper bags

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Features of the Premade Pouch Packing Machine

  1. Adopt servo intelligently open the packaging bag, filling material accurately. The servo drive seal is evenly heated and the seal is beautiful.
  2. Non-wasting bags, no material filling no sealing
  3. Use 304 stainless steel, food grade, nanometer processing anti-fingerprint, anti-dust, anti-oil, high performance, high quality
  4. Compact structure, reasonable design, occupying small space
  5. Suitable for various types of premade bag shapes
  6. The main machine part is the same, different kinds of material require different filling devices.
  7. Automatic reset if parameters are disordered. Simple maintenance, saving time and manpower, high efficiency.
  8. The appearance is concise, compact, and beautiful, making it easy to clean and maintain.
applicable premade pouches display
applicable premade pouches display

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Premade Bag Packing Machine Price

Different types of premade bag packing machines have different prices. There are different types of filling devices for packaging different kinds of materials. For example, the filler for powder, granule, liquid, and paste are different. For a certain material, different volumes may need different models of the filling parts. They require different costs. Besides, we can add other functions, such as the brush, sponge, date printer, vibration, and other functions according to the customer’s need. In addition, the freight also is a part of the whole price. If you want to know more detailed information about the price, please get in touch with us. We will reply to you as soon as possible on the basis of the customer’s needs.

Related Food and Non-food Packaging Machines for Sale

YG Machinery not only provides premade pouch packing machine but also supply various other filling and sealing equipment, relating to food and non-food packaging. For example, our company has a pillow-packing machine for biscuits, bread, towels, soap, candy, etc. Moreover, there are vertical powder packing machines for coffee powder, spice, and milk powder; granule packaging machines for salt, sugar, coffee bean, oats, and snacks; liquid filling lines for water, juice, and beverage; and paste filling equipment for chili sauce, beef paste, peanut butter, yogurt cup, jelly, etc. If you need the labeling machine or carton sealing machine, we also provide these machines. Get in touch with us to learn more detailed information.

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