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rebar upsetting machine manufacturing

What is rebar upsetting machine?

Rebar upsetting machine is mainly divided into a single-cylinder upsetting machine and double-cylinder upsetting machine. Upsetting machine is mainly used for the head upsetting of ribbed steel bars in construction projects. Rebar cold forging machine is the key equipment to realize the steel bar connection. This upset forging machine is used in steel connection projects. In order to ensure connection quality, rebar forging machine’s main function is to squeeze the head of the threaded steel bar for construction into a thick pier. So as to achieve the purpose of increasing the diameter of the steel bar head and increase the tensile strength.

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The automatic rebar upsetting machine is easy to operate, fast in speed, and high in processing quality. The steel upsetting machine is mainly used for national key projects such as construction, road&bridge, high-speed rail, subway, tunnel, and power stations with high requirements. Please contact us if you are looking for a rebar upsetting machine for your project. As one of the best upset forging machine manufacturers, we promise you will satisfy our product quality and factory direct sale rebar cold forging machine price.

YG rebar upset forging machine factory

YG Rebar Upset Forging Machine Factory

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Parameters of the upset forging machine

Model Single Cylinder Double Cylinder
Motor Type Electric Motor Electric Motor
Voltage 380V,50HZ,3 phase 380V,50HZ,3 phase
Power 7.5KW 7.5KW
Rebar diameter 16-40mm 16-40mm
Cylinder pressure 80Mpa 30Mpa
Cylinder diameter 220mm 220mm
Volume 1020x500x935mm 1250x850x1650mm
Weight 1000kg 1500kg

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Principle of rebar cold forging machine

Rebar upsetting connection technology is to process and upset the steel bar end (head) to be grained in advance so that the diameter of the processed steel bar is increased (3-5mm). Then use a rebar thread rolling machine to thread the upsetting part. The diameter of the sleeve wire can be adjusted using different molds. When connecting, connect the straight threaded sleeve to the thread of the end of the steel bar with a normal construction wrench to complete the butt joint of the steel bar. The upsetting type and other strong straight thread connection technology have the advantages of stability, and the joint strength is greater than the strength of the steel base material.

rebar cold forging machine details

Rebar Cold Forging Machine Details

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Rebar upsetting machine structure

Reinforced straight thread upsetting machine, consisting of a frame, clamping clamp, guide rail, slide plate. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer, rib stripping rolling head, feed mechanism. Automatic opening and closing mechanism, stroke limit mechanism, cooling system. Electrical appliances control box, control system, and other parts.

rebar upsetting machine manufacturers

rebar upsetting machine manufacturers

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Supporting machinery Introduction

Steel bar straight thread rolling machine can complete the processing process from rib stripping to thread rolling in one clamping. The processed thread has a full profile, high dimensional accuracy, and high mechanical strength.
Both positive and negative threads can be processed.
Rebar straight thread rolling machine is simple to operate, compact in structure, reliable in work, and has a unique automatic opening and closing mechanism.
It can process HRB335 and HRB400 steel bars with a diameter range of 16-40mm.

thread rolling machine rebar upsetting machine

Thread Rolling Machine&Rebar Upsetting Machine

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