Mobile stone crusher for sale is also known as mobile crushing and screening station. The equipment is widely used in mining, coal mines, recycling of garbage and construction waste, earthworks, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, and other site operations. It also can be applied in the processing of topsoil and various other materials, separation of sticky concrete aggregate, construction and blasting industry, screening after crushing, quarrying industry, and so on. Its main feature is that it can be operated mobile, move freely, and transfer more conveniently. If you are interested in it, welcome to get in touch with us freely and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

mobile stone crusher for sale
mobile stone crusher for sale

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Parameter of the Mobile Stone Crusher

Diesel type61006110615618618P12
Diesel engine150kw150kw200kw250kw250kw300kw
Horsepower engine195hp195hp260hp330hp330hp400hp
Hopper size(L*W*THK)3500*1800*8mm3600*2200*8mm3600*2200*8mm3800*2200*8mm3800*2200*8mm4000*2400*10mm
Feeder machine thickness0.8mm0.8mm0.8mm0.8mm1mm1mm

Mobile Jaw Stone Crusher Structure

Mobile jaw stone crusher for sale is a extrusion type machine. The working part includes two jaws. One is a fixed jaw, which is fixed vertically on the front wall of the machine body. The other is a movable jaw. and its position is tilted. The fixed jaw plate forms large and small crushing chambers as working chambers, the movable jaw plate periodically reciprocates the fixed jaw plate, sometimes separates, sometimes approaches. When separated, the material enters the crushing cavity, and the finished product is conveyed out from the lower part. When approaching, the material between the two jaw plates is squeezed. The stone is broken under the action of bending and splitting. It is mainly used to change large stones into medium stones and small stones. It can be used for the first crushing.

mobile jaw crusher for sale
mobile jaw crusher for sale

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Introduction to Box Type Mobile Stone Crusher

The structure of the mobile box crusher has a silo at the top, and a feeder below the silo, which vibrates the raw materials into the crushing box. After the crushing is completed, the materials go down to the bottom of the crushing box and pass through the screen plate. The screen plate is made of manganese steel with a thickness of five centimeters. The screen can be customized according to the user’s requirements. For example, the mesh size of the screen can be customized based on the size of the material to be screened, such as sand making or gravel. The screened materials will fall onto the conveyor to be transported out.

mobile stone crushing machine
mobile stone crushing machine

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Advantage of the Box Mobile Stone Crusher for Sale

1. Box-type hammer crushing is suitable for both soft materials and materials with very high hardness.

2. The discharging granularity can be conveniently and flexibly adjusted with a wide adjustment range.

3. The wearing parts have little wear, with high metal utilization rate.

4. Spare parts are easy to replace and the maintenance cost is low.

mobile stone crushing plant
mobile stone crushing plant

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What Shall We Know about the Choosing of the Mobile Crusher?

The sieve plate for sand making, the stone sieve plate for stone making, and stone sieve plate are usually equipped with a 5 cm sand plate with round holes. For sand making, it is usually 1.2 cm.

1. What is the size of the raw materials?

2. Is the mobile stone crusher used for sand making or stone making?

Above 10mm is gravel, and below 10mm is sand. Pebbles and sand also have different sizes, such as 5mm sand, 8mm sand, 12mm gravel, 15mm gravel, etc., in terms of diameter. What only passes through the crusher is gravel, and what passes behind the crusher through the sand making machine is sand.

3. What is the required output per hour?

4. Electricity or diesel?

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