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A small concrete pump is called a secondary structural column pump. Also as known as a fine stone concrete pump. Divided into vertical and horizontal. The fine stone concrete pump is a secondary construction column pump with compound pumping requirements. The fine-stone concrete conveying equipment is continuously transported to the pouring site through horizontal or vertical pipelines.

YG Machinery specializes in the production and sales of various concrete pump products. As well as mortar spraying machine, shotcrete machine, shotcrete truck, sandblasting machine, shot blasting machine, etc. The following are the parameters of our popular secondary construction column pump products at home and abroad.

Horizontal Small Concrete Pump For Sale

Horizontal Small Concrete Pump

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Vertical Small Concrete Pump Price

Vertical Small Concrete Pump

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Secondary Structural Column Pump Parameters

Spec/Model YG-10 YG-20 YG-30 YG-40
Work efficiency 6m³/h 12m³/h 15-18m³/h 20-22m³/h
Motor power 15kw 22KW 37KW 45KW
Working pressure 15MPa/10MPa 18MPa/12MPa 18MPa/15MPa 23MPa/15MPa
Aggregate size 0.5-1.5cm 0.5-2cm 0.5-2cm 0.5-2cm
Vertical/Horizontal conveying distance 20m/50m 40m/80m 80m/100m 120m/260m
Diameter of conveying pipe 80mm 80mm φ80(100)mm φ100(80)mm
Weight 600KG 1600kg 2200kg 2400kg
Dimensions 1800*700*1100mm 3400x1200x1600mm 3800x1500x1600mm 4000x1500x1550mm
Standard Configuration 10m steel pipe, 10m hose 40m steel pipe, 10m hose 90m φ80 steel pipe, 10m hose 120m φ80 steel pipe, 10m hose

YG-10 Electric Concrete Pump


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YG-20 Electric Concrete Pump


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YG-30 Hydraulic Concrete Pump


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YG-40 Hydraulic Concrete Pump


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Secondary construction column pumps are widely used in secondary structural column filling. Floor heating projects, roofing, high-rise building walls, reservoirs. Hydropower stations, ports, docks, foundation treatment, soft foundation reinforcement, and grouting. Tunnel, subway, and mine construction backfill grouting anchor support protect.

Mini Concrete Pump Construction


Concrete Pump Machine Construction

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  1. YG’s electric concrete pump is the secondary construction column pump in China. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for many narrow construction environments.
  2. The use power of the mini concrete pump is only 5.5kw. When there is no power supply, only a small generator can work.
  3. Hydraulic concrete pump has a high configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate, and long life.
  4. The secondary construction column pump is light in weight and easy to move.
  5. Hydraulic secondary construction column pump price is Affordable. There are three configurations of mini mortar pump, mini fine stone feeder pump, and mini concrete pump for customers to choose from.
  6. Using piston structure automatic pressure control technology, high working pressure, long pumping distance, and high pumping height.
Secondary Structure Feeder Concrete Pump

Secondary Structure Feeder Pump

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Why Choose Secondary Structure Column Pump?

A vertical/horizontal secondary structure column transfer pump is used for pouring floor structure column equipment. The machine can completely replace manual pouring. Meanwhile, it can walk automatically and enter and exit freely in large and small rooms. The secondary structure feeder pump is mini in size, convenient in construction, simple in operation. It can be poured directly on the floor. Therefore, the secondary construction column pump reduces labor intensity greatly.

Secondary Construction Column Pump For Sale

Secondary Construction Column Pump For Sale

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As a professional construction equipment manufacturer, we have a series of housing construction equipment, grouting pump products, steel bar processing equipment, and concrete cutting and demolition products. Please feel free to contact us to get more details.

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