YG series small water well drilling machine is ideal tool for home draught wells, wells for air conditioning, and vegetable gardens. At the same time, portable water well drilling machine are also ideal tools for workers engaged in drilling and surveying. Small water well drilling rigs are mainly used to drill soil, limestone, and other soft rocks. The advantage of a portable well drilling rig is that it can be drilled quickly. And it can drill 30 to 40 meters of soil in one hour.

Small Water Well Drilling Machine
Small Water Well Drilling Machine

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Hotlist of Small Water Well Drilling Machine

The following is a hotlist of YG small water well drilling machine models for sale. Please tell us about your needs.

Drilling hole80-200mm80-220mm80-350mm80-280mm80-500mm
Drilling depth80M100M100M120M120M
Drilling rodΦ42mm,1.5mΦ51mm,1.5mΦ51mm,1.5mΦ51mm,1.5mΦ65mm,2m
Pump power2.2kw2.2kw2.2kw3.5HP5.5kw

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Why Choose YG Portable Well Drilling Rig?

In addition, the portable water well drilling rig is easy to move and the price is low. But is not recommended to drill hard rocks. For hard rock geology, it is recommended to use YG crawler water well drilling rigs equipment, down-the-hole drilling rigs, and other drilling rigs. Which kind of drilling rigs are you looking for? Please contact us if you have any questions. As professional small water well drilling rigs manufacturer, you will get good water well-drilling rigs for sale prices from us definitely.

Portable Water Well Drilling Rig
Portable Water Well Drilling Rig

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Features of Small Water Well Drilling Rig

  1. Diversified power supply. YG small water well drilling rigs for sale can use gasoline engines and diesel engines as power. Well drilling machine can also be replaced with single-phase and three-phase power.
  2. Wide application range. Because the small water well drilling machine covers an area of less than 1 square meter, the height can be controlled at about 2.6 meters. Therefore, the small water well drilling rig can be used both in the field and indoors
  3. Wide practicability. The small water well drilling rig can either use an auger to drill the hole in the string or use a round core barrel for sampling. Or use the positive and negative circulating water to drill the well.
Trailer-Mounted Well Drilling Rig
Trailer-Mounted Well Drilling Rig

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Operation Process of Drilling

Water well site selection—Reservoir excavation—Power on—Drill rod replacement—Drill rod unloading

Note: the drill bit should rotate clockwise when running in the hole, and should not be reversed. So as to avoid the drill pipe falling off. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more details.

Portable Borewell Drilling Machine
Portable Borewell Drilling Machine

Maintenance of Small Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs

  1. The motor part of the rig should be handled with care to avoid rain and splash.
  2. Do not touch and connect the motor wire connector.
  3. Always check whether the wire rope is replaced.
  4. Before and after use, the drill pipe thread head shall be lubricated with engine oil and placed in a rainproof place to avoid rust.
  5. The motor should not be overloaded for a long time.
  6. Check the circuit and transformer insurance when the motor is not running.
Small Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale
Small Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale

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In addition to small water well drilling rigs, we also have crawler type water well drilling machinedown-the-hole drilling rigs, anchor drilling rigs, rock drills, mineral exploration drilling rigs, hydraulic mountain drilling rigs, diamond core drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, long auger drilling rigs, etc. Which kind of drilling rig machine are you looking for? Leave your message to get water well-drilling rigs prices right now.

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