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Using of Water Well Drilling Rigs Prices

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Use and maintenance of water well drilling rig

In order to give full play to the maximum efficiency of water well drilling rigs and prolong the service life of water well drilling machine. Operators should understand the main structure, principles. Performance and maintenance methods of water well drilling equipment. Contact us to get water well drilling rigs prices.

cheap YG water well drilling rigs price
cheap YG water well drilling rigs price

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Inspection and debugging before operation

  1. Check whether the water and oil of the diesel engine, the hydraulic oil in the oil tank. And the lubricating oil in the oiler meet the requirements. If you want to get cheap water well drilling rigs prices, leave your requirements directly.
  2. Check whether the connecting screws are loose and whether the air hose is installed firmly.YG has a series crawler type water well drilling rig and portable water well drilling rigs for sale. If you want to buy small water well drilling rigs for sale, send us your contact information.
YG water well drilling rigs prices
YG water well drilling rigs detail display

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Operation steps of water drilling rig

  1. Start the diesel engine. Wait for the diesel engine to run for 10-20 minutes before further operation.
  2. Push the travel control valve to move the drill to the drilling position. Push the handles on the control valve of the oil cylinder, adjust the carriage to the stop position and fix it. Fine-tune the 4 outrigger cylinders to ensure that the drill rod is vertically downward.YG Machinery has many types of drilling rig and well drilling truck for sale. Which kind of water drilling rigs machine are you looking for?
  3. Turn on the ball valve switch and impact control valve on the air intake pipe to supply air to the impactor. At the same time, push the rotary control valve to make the gyrator drive the drill rod and the impactor to rotate forward. And then, slowly push the propulsion control valve to make the drill bit gradually close to the ground. The impactor starts to work after touching the ground.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to use an impactor to drill the soil. Click the following button to get the best water well-drilling rigs prices.
large water drilling machine operation
large water drilling machine operation

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Use and maintenance of hydraulic system

  1. If the water well drilling rig has not been used for a long time, it is not allowed to use the large load immediately when it starts up. And the small load operation shall not be less than 10 minutes. Chat with us to get cheap water well-drilling rigs prices right now.
  2. Check the height of the hydraulic oil level in the oil tank before each operation (generally no less than 1 / 3 of the liquid level gauge).
  3. After working for a certain time (generally about 500 hours), when the hydraulic oil changes color, deteriorates and viscosity decreases. The hydraulic oil must be replaced immediately (generally N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil). When replacing, the hydraulic oil in the tank should be drained out (including hydraulic components). For the foreign matters in the oil tank, the putty can be used to stick it out.
  4. Clean the filter element and replace the filter element after 100 hours of operation or return oil for the first time after 100 hours. Please tell us if you have any other questions.
crawler type water well drilling machine factory price
crawler type water well drilling machine factory

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Use and maintenance of drilling rig impactor

  1. The impactor must be well lubricated in order to obtain the best performance and long service life. The lubrication of impactor is realized by oiler. Before the work starts, fill up the lubricating oil. And ensure that the oil output of the atomizer is not less than 50 drops per minute. It is strictly prohibited to operate without lubrication! Pay attention to whether the oil atomizer works normally and whether there is lubricating oil at any time during the work.
  2. If there is no oil or no oil coming out, stop the machine immediately for maintenance, otherwise, the impactor will be damaged. The oil output of the mist eliminator is regulated by the oil regulating valve needle. Turning the oil dropping screw anticlockwise with a screwdriver increases the oil output while turning the adjustment clockwise decreases the oil output.
  3. Lubricating oil. Selection of lubricating oil principle: when the site temperature is higher, the viscosity of the used oil is larger. At the same time, when the temperature is lower, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is smaller.
YG best water well drilling rigs price for sale
YG best water well drilling rigs price for sale

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