Automatic cotton candy vending machine is the equipment that can complete the paper stick taking and cotton candy making process fully automatically. It is a popular item in most countries. Various places can be selected to put this machine to start a business, such as in stores, shopping malls, commercial squares, pedestrian streets, markets, parks, scenic spots, playgrounds, etc. Many payment methods are available, cards, coin dispensers, banknotes, change functions, scanning codes, etc. There are main four types of fully automatic cotton candy machines for sale, model 606, 503, 301, and 101. They can satisfy the majority of the customers’ requirements. If you are interested in the candy floss vending machine, welcome to contact us now.

automatic cotton vending machine
automatic cotton vending machine

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Parameter of the Automatic Candy Floss Machine

Cotton candy shapes128484812
Sugar storage 12kg8kg4kg4kg
Sugar output1kg sugar can make 30 cotton candy
Voltage optional:220/230/240/110/120V
Language displayThe machine support 85 national languages and a bilingual display

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Features of the Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine

  1. The equipment adopts an AI humidity sensor which can intelligently adjust the temperature and humidity.
  2. Multiple voltages available, 220V, 230V, 240V, 110V, 120V
  3. Support 85 national language and bilingual display
  4. Multiple pay methods optional: cash, coin, pay by card, support scanning code
  5. The robot cotton candy machine can give change can identify all local currency amounts
  6. Various cotton candy shapes can be chosen on the screen on the machine
  7. High automation, no manual attendance required, save manpower
  8. Wide applicable places, shopping malls, pedestrian streets, playgrounds, scenic spots, parks, markets, stores, etc.
  9. Support customization service for logo, machine body sticks, light words on the top, etc.
fully automatic cotton candy vending machine
fully automatic cotton candy vending machine

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Why Choose Our Robot Cotton Candy Machine?

First of all, the four types of cotton candy vending machines for sale are fully automatic. The whole making process does not need a person to help to do it. It can automatically take a paper stick and start to make cotton candy. The buyer just needs to pay and take out the finished cotton candy. Secondly, the automatic cotton candy vending machine adopts special technology, using AI humidity sensor, brushless motor burner, wireless temperature, and others. The whole appearance is great. Some candy floss vending machines in the market look the same, but the performance is quite different. Thirdly, we provide an 18-month quality guarantee and we have professional staff who are responsible for after-sales service. If you want to know more details, please get in touch with us freely.

cotton floss vending machine
cotton floss vending machine

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Automatic Cotton Candy Machine Price

The cotton candy automatic machine is related to the model, functions choosing, and freight. The models with double cabinets price are higher than single cabinets. The more cotton candy shapes and sugar storage, the price will be higher. There are card reader devices, banknote devices, change functions, coin acceptors, and voltage converters optional according to the actual requirements. Each of them is different in price. Equipped with different devices also affect the final price of the machine. Finally, freight is an inevitable factor for all equipment purchasing. And it depends on the distance between the two places and the delivery methods. If you really want to choose and purchase the automatic cotton candy vending machine, welcome to get in touch with us to get a free quotation.

robot cotton candy machine
robot cotton candy machine

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Are Fully Automatic Cotton Candy Machines Profitable?

The raw materials of cotton candy mainly include paper sticks and sugars. These two kinds of material are cheap in the market. And one kilogram of sugar can make 30 cotton candy. From this point of view, investing in an automatic cotton candy vending machine is great profitable. Of course, doing business also needs other costs, such as equipment, rent, and electric bills. The initial investment may be much, but it can be a highly profitable and low-maintenance business if there is proper plan and execution. What’s more, it’s better not to neglect the quality of the robot cotton candy machine for the sake of cost saving. Some no-guaranteed equipment may cost you more money and time in the future.

cotton candy shapes display
cotton candy shapes display

Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

Fully automatic cotton candy machines were exported to America, Denmark, Turkey, and Italy last month and received good praise and feedback. We hope to manufacture high-performance cost equipment to help our customers in business. In addition to the flower cotton candy vending machine, we also provide automatic popcorn vending machines, automatic paper cup forming machines, PET bottle blowing machines, water bottle filling machines, paper rewinding machines, paper bag machine lines, coffee cup making machines, paper cup bowl lid making machines, paper tube core making machine, etc. If you are interested in these machines, welcome to contact us freely.

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