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YG rock splitter machine for sale

YG Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. We are a new cutting and breaking equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales, and service. Specializing in the production of large-scale airborne splitting machines, plunger splitting rods, rock splitter machine, hydraulic splitter for rock, pile breaker machine, diamond wire saws, concrete wall saws, diamond chain saws, and other hydraulic equipment.

YG rock splitting machine equipment has the advantages of small size, lightweight, convenient operation. Safe and reliable, flexible use, high work efficiency. No vibration, no impact, no noise, no dust. Controllability of splitting direction, economical and practical features. If you are looking for reliable rock splitter manufacturers, YG Machinery will be your ideal choice.

cheap hydraulic rock splitter for sale

YG Hydraulic Rock Splitter For Sale

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Optional Model of Rock Splitter Machine

Model YG-250 YG-350 YG-450
Wedge Length 250mm 350mm 450mm
Piston Stroke 90/220mm 90/220mm 90/220mm
Drilling Depth >500mm >700mm >900mm
Punching Diameter 42mm 46mm 46mm
Crack Width 10-20mm 10-20mm 10-20mm
Cleavage Time 10-15/s 10-15/s 10-15/s
Splitting Force 500t 800t 800t
Weight 240kg 250kg 260kg

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Rock splitter machine structure

The structure of the rock splitting machine is mainly composed of a hydraulic station, oil pipeline, splitting gun, rock splitter wedges, etc. According to the type of power station, rock splitter equipment can be divided into four types: electric type, diesel type, gasoline type, and pneumatic motor. According to the material of the split gun, it can be divided into two types: steel split gun and aluminum alloy split gun. Rock splitter for sale can also be classified according to the power of the split gun. Contact us to get the hydraulic rock splitter machine price right now.

YG hydraulic rock splitter machine factory

YG Hydraulic Rock Splitter Machine Factory

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What YG rock splitting machine you can choose?

  1. Electric rock splitting machine
  2. Diesel-hydraulic rock splitter
  3. Air motor type splitting machine
  4. Gasoline rock splitter for sale
  5. Gasoline hydraulic rock splitting machine
  6. Pneumatic hydraulic splitter for rock
hydraulic rock splitter manufacturers in China

Hydraulic Rock Splitter Manufacturers in China

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What is a rock-splitting machine?

A splitting machine is also known as a hydraulic concrete splitter, cleaving machine, stone splitting machine, rock splitting machine, mountain driving machine and so on. Rock splitter machine is mainly used for mining operations of building stone. The secondary disintegration of large ore (metallic or non-metallic). Partial and complete demolition of concrete components (cement pavement, machine tool foundation, bridge and house components). Mining, splitting and crushing of natural stone. Please feel free to send your requirement to get a rock splitting machine price if you need it.

High Efficient Rock Splitter For Sale

High Efficient Rock Splitter For Sale

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Compared with the traditional operation methods in the above-mentioned fields, the rock splitting machine has the advantages of a simple structure. Convenient operation, high efficiency, low cost, safety, and energy-saving. YG hydraulic rock splitter for sale is especially suitable for the secondary splitting of large rocks and is ideal equipment that can completely replace blasting and manual dismantling. Please contact us if you are ready to buy a splitting machine for your project. If you need a hydraulic rock splitter for sale, please view this page.

YG rock splitter machine price

YG rock splitter machine price

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Advantages of rock splitter for sale

The rock splitting machine is used in difficult earth and stone works that cannot be blasted and require high output and tight construction periods. The drill hole diameter of the Yugong rock splitting machine has reached more than 24 cm. And the drill holes are spaced in a row of 3 to 5 meters. The rock splitter for the excavator is hoisted and placed in the rock hole. It can swell and crack about 50 cubic meters of stone in about two minutes. Email:

The rock-splitting machine can easily break thousands of cubic meters of solid rock in one day. That is more than ten times faster than the method of using a hammer + cutter machine or expansion crushing agent. And the cost is low. Now leave your message to get cheap hydraulic concrete splitter price list.

different spec of rock splitter wedges

Different Spec of Rock Splitter Wedges

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The advantages of a rock splitting machine over a cutting machine are high efficiency. Low water and electricity bills, improved noise and pollution. And earlier construction schedules, thereby reducing costs. If you are looking for professional hydraulic rock splitter manufacturers, we will be your ideal partner.

Compared with the use of swelling and crushing agents, the advantage of the rock splitter machine is that the drilling diameter is large. The interval is large, the crack is larger, and the effect is better. At the same time, it is effective immediately without waiting, uninterrupted and repeated operations, not affected by rain and temperature. No shotcrete and strong alkaline hazards, no vibration, safety and environmental protection. You can send your message to us by WhatsApp directly.

rock splitting machine package

YG Rock Splitting Machine Package

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Why choose YG as your partner?

The rock splitting machine uses hydraulic and mechanical methods to split the rock. It is innovative equipment for the efficient fracture of hard rocks. The splitting machine for rock has great technical advantages in breaking the rock when explosives cannot be used in mining and construction earthwork engineering. And it eliminates the expansion and crushing agent. YG Machinery Co., Ltd. took the lead in the construction and technical promotion of rock-splitting machines in China. Welcome to inquiry if you are looking for a high-quality rock splitter machine recently. Email:
WhatsApp/WeChat: +86 138 3856 5351

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Other products

In addition to the rock splitter machine, we also have the concrete cutting machine for sale. For example, hydraulic rock splitter, concrete wall saw, diamond wire saw, pile cutting machine, pile breaking machine, etc. Please leave your message if you are interested in our products.

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