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Diamond Wire Cutting Machine

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Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Diamond wire saw cutting machine, also known as diamond bead saw, also known as diamond bead wire cutting machine. The diamond wire saw cutting machine is currently the most advanced stone mining equipment in the world. It is a third-generation product in the development of diamond tools. As a new generation of cutting tools, after more than 20 years of research, development, and improvement, it has been widely used in the stone industry, machinery industry, and construction fields.

Diamond wire saws are mainly used for the mining and processing of stone, the demolition and trimming of reinforced concrete buildings, and the processing of brittle and hard materials such as glass. With the development of foreign research on sawing steel parts with diamond wire saws, it has also been used in special fields such as the maintenance of submarine components and the dismantling of nuclear power plants.

diamond wire saw for granite
Diamond Wire Saw For Granite

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Wire Saw Wheel Parameters Hydraulic Pump Station Parameters
Wire Drive Mode hydraulic Rated Output Power 22/25KW
Model Type HM-40/80 Working Voltage 380v 50Hz
Minimum Input Power 25HP/33HP Hydraulic Pump Station Gear pump
Output Shaft Speed 350/940/1300r/min Motor Working Floe 40-100L/min
Maximum Wire Length 18m Working Pressure 15-20Mpa
Feeding Method Fully hydraulic Oil Tank Volume 16L
Wire Saw Wheel 64kg Weight 98kg
Motor Weight 13kg Dimension(mm) 650*550*1150
Cutting Type Transverse and longitudinal cutting

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Working Principle of Diamond Wire Cutting Machine

The diamond wire saw machine can be driven by a hydraulic motor or an electric motor. It is mainly composed of the main motion system, feed system, diamond bead saw, tensioning device, guiding mechanism, control system, cooling system, and other components. The diamond beaded rope is usually closed-loop when cutting, relying on equipment installed on the track to drive at an ideal speed.

diamond wire saw rope
Diamond Wire Saw Rope

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Diamond Beaded Rope Structure

The diamond beaded rope is composed of a rope fixed with the diamond beads according to a certain gap and consists of six parts.

① Steel rope.

②Diamond beads.

③Steel ring, mainly used for fixed distance and isolation beads.

④ Spacers are used to separate the beads and make the beads move along the rope in a small area. Commonly used spacers are spring sleeves, plastic sleeves, and rubber sleeves.

⑤Fixed ring.

⑥The joint, the beaded rope is closed when working. Before working, pass one end of the beaded rope through the two holes that intersect at one point in the two holes drilled into the marble in a vertical or horizontal direction, and then connect the two ends of the beaded rope into a closed shape with a joint.

YG hydraulic wire cutting saw power station
YG Hydraulic Wire Cutting Saw Power Station

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Common Manufacturing Forms Of Diamond Beads

① Sintering method. The powder metallurgy method is used to sinter the diamond particles. A layer of diamond particles with a thickness of 1 to 1.5 is usually arranged at the outer diameter. This method makes the diamond ring have uniform cutting performance. long-lasting. Because of its self-sharpening performance, the ring block can always maintain sharp cutting performance. The choice of diamond ring block can be selected according to the material to be processed with different roughness, bonding agent and hardness, in order to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and economy.

② Electroplating method. This method is made by electrodepositing a layer of diamond single crystal on the steel substrate, so the process is the same as that of general diamond electroplating products. It is made of 45# or 40cr steel to facilitate the firm combination of electroplating and plating, and at the same time make its inner hole resistant to the friction of the steel rope.

③ Brazing method. The diamonds in the high-temperature brazed beads are arranged regularly and reasonably distributed. Chemical bonding and metallurgical bonding coexist. The diamond has strong holding power, high sawing speed, and relatively low sawing cost. Contact us to get the diamond wire saw cutting machine price right now.

concrete wire saw for construction
Concrete Wire Saw For Construction

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