The hydraulic wire saw is a cutting device that can cut solid objects such as stone and concrete. The hydraulic diamond wire saw cutting machine consists of a wire saw unit, a power station, and a diamond wire saw blade. The wire saw machine is commonly used equipment in reinforced concrete demolition engineering. It has low labor intensity, safe and reliable operation, and strong power. The cutting surface is straight and neat without trimming. With strong adaptability to working environments and high efficiency, it is the best equipment for static cutting.

Hydraulic Wire Saw Factory Price
Hydraulic Wire Saw Factory Price
Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw Application
Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw Application

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Parameters of Hydraulic Wire Saw Machine

The main technical parametersTechnical parameters of the hydraulic pump station
Rope driving method: hydraulicRated output power: 22/25KW 
Motor type: HM-40/80 (single/twin cylinder)Working Voltage::380V50HZ 
Minimum input power:25/33HP Hydraulic pump station type: Gear pump
Shaft output speed: 350/940/1300r/minMain drive motor working flow: 40-100L/min
Maximum rope length: 18 metersWorking Pressure:15-20Mpa 
Feed mode: Fully automatic hydraulic pressureFuel tank volume: 17L
Cutting machine unit weight: 64KGWeight: 98kg 
Host drive motor weight: 14KGSize: 650*550*1150mm 
Total Weight: 78KG

In addition to hydraulic wire saw machines, YG also provides diamond wire saw machines such as crawler wire saw machines and wire saw machines for granite. In addition, YG also provides cutting and demolition equipment such as concrete wall saws and pile breakers. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw Machine Application

The hydraulic diamond wire saw can cut thick concrete and irregular concrete. Such as girders, high-speed rail piers, equipment foundations, and other concrete structures. The hydraulic wire saw machine is flexible in use, and can be cut horizontally and vertically. Because the hydraulic wire cutting machine uses a diamond bead seat to grind materials, it can cut solid objects such as stone, reinforced concrete, etc.

Hydraulic Wire Saw Application
Hydraulic Wire Saw Application

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Why Use a Hydraulic Wire Saw Cutting Machine?

With the rapid development of the city, the population density increases, and high-rise buildings stand everywhere. The surrounding environment of the building is complex, and the demolition faces great challenges. Considering safety, quality, construction period, on-site demolition conditions, etc., linear cutting demolition is a good choice. Wire saw cutting is flexible for thick concrete and irregular concrete cutting and demolition and can be cut horizontally or vertically. Linear cutting makes the construction surface tidier, and can greatly increase the working speed to shorten the construction period and further reduce labor costs. In addition, the hydraulic wire saw machine can meet the cutting depth that the hydraulic wall saw machine cannot reach.

Hydraulic Wire Saw Cutting Machine
Hydraulic Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw Composition

The hydraulic wire saw machine consists of two parts: the hydraulic power group and the hydraulic wire saw unit.

Hydraulic Wire Saw Composition
Hydraulic Wire Saw Composition
The hydraulic power group provides power for the whole machine, mainly composed of control valve components, reversing valves, relief valves, speed control valves, etc.
Its hydraulic wire saw unit includes a drive, driven wheel, hydraulic motor, cylinder, and so on. The guide wheel can realize 360° rotation.

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Diamond Wire Cutting Rope

Hydraulic wire saw machine uses diamond bead saw wire for cutting and demolition. Due to the high hardness of diamond, the beaded wire saw made of diamond material has high hardness as the cutting material. It can cut stone with high hardness, concrete, and so on. Diamond saw wire is used with a hydraulic wire saw machine, which has high cutting efficiency and can cut 2~3 square meters per meter.

diamond wire saw rope
diamond wire saw rope

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Hydraulic Wire Saw Features

  • Efficient power. The combination of a wire saw unit and hydraulic power unit, together with universal wheels and ropes, can achieve efficient cutting.
  • Easy to operate. The cutting depth is not limited, the working environment is more adaptable, and the working efficiency is higher.
  • Wide adaptability. The equipment can cut concrete walls, bridges, pillars, etc.
  • Easier to remove. It can be cut horizontally, vertically, or obliquely. It is the equipment used in demolition, demolition, and reconstruction projects.
  • The cutting surface is neat. Due to the linear cut, the construction section is neat and straight.
  • Improve bidding advantage. The equipment greatly shortens the construction period and further reduces labor costs.
  • Safe and reliable. The hydraulic system has high safety performance, stability, and reliability.

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