With the development of modern industry, there are various ways to generate dust, and the accumulation of dust is gradually increasing. Includes industrial emissions, combustion smoke, soil dust, mine blasting, drilling, etc. will all generate dust. Too much dust can damage the environment and human health and needs to be contained. The fog cannon dust suppression is an important device for dust suppression. It achieves the purpose of suppressing dust by spraying water mist and combining it with dust. The fog cannon dust suppression system is widely welcomed by customers because of its convenient movement, simple operation, and wide application range.

Dust Suppression Fog Cannon Machine
Dust Suppression Fog Cannon Machine

60 Model Fog Cannon Dust Suppression Parameters

Machine Size1.95*1.2*2.0
Double impeller18 PCS
Fan motor11kw
Water pump motor5.5kw
Pump flow80L/MIN
ShellThick metal shell
Effective range55~60M
OperationManual, semi-automatic, fully automatic
The stainless steel water ringNozzle 24 pcs
Pitch angle0~60℃
Maximum Rotation Angle320℃
Tank capacity600L
Power Equipment380V
60M Fog Cannon Machine
60M Fog Cannon Machine

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Small Mist Cannon Dust Suppression Application

The small mist cannon dust suppression machine can be sprayed with water or pesticides. Therefore, it can realize the functions of dust suppression, disinfection, and epidemic prevention. It is worth noting that YG also provides thermal fogging machines for mosquitoes. Environmentally friendly fog cannons can be used in many places such as rock mining sites, coal preparation sites, mining areas, dams, and highway bridges. It can also match a variety of functional sprinklers.

Dust Suppression Unit Application
Dust Suppression Unit Application

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Dust Suppression Fog Cannon Features

  • Wide coverage, can achieve precise spraying;
  • Long range, high work efficiency, fast spray speed;
  • Wide range of applications. The mist cannon dust suppression machine is widely used in dust suppression, disinfection, cooling, and other purposes;
  • When spraying water on a storage yard that is prone to dust to remove dust, the sprayed mist particles are fine. And it is easier to combine with the dust in the air, which can quickly reduce dust.
  • It can be used with various types of vehicles such as light trucks, tractors, and sprinklers. Alternatively, it can also be mounted on a concrete pouring platform.
  • The fog cannon dust suppression system can be controlled remotely or manually. And the spray angle can be controlled at will.

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