How Does the Dust Suppression System Suppress Dust?

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In many places where a lot of dust will be generated, dust suppression systems are required to suppress dust. Such as coal yards, construction sites, stockyards, wharves, steel plants, mines, and other places. The fog cannon machine is a kind of equipment that can turn water into water mist through the machine to reduce dust and haze. At present, for urban environmental protection and dust reduction, all kinds of dust-generating sites will use fog cannons to reduce dust. So how does the fog cannon machine suppress dust? The dust suppression system manufacturer will introduce the principle to you.

Dust Suppression System 
Dust Suppression System 

Environmental Protection Dust Suppression System Principle

According to the principle of air delivery, the mist cannon uses a high-pressure pump and a fine atomizing nozzle to hydrate the water. The water mist is then sprayed into the air by a fan. The fog cannon dust suppression machine can spray water mist over a long distance. The water mist absorbs, gathers, and settles with the dust particles suspended in the air. Therefore it achieves the purpose of suppressing dust. The water mist sprayed by the fog cannon can reach a micron size, with strong adsorption and low water consumption. Its spray distance is long, the radius can reach 10~140 meters, and the construction is convenient.

Fog Cannon Dust Suppression
Fog Cannon Dust Suppression

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Fog Cannon Application Field

  • Urban Environmental Governance. The fog cannon machine can be used to control urban environmental pollution, reduce urban dust, and reduce smog.
  • Dust down, cool down. It can apply in demolition construction sites, water conservancy dams, road bridges, and other places for dust reduction and cooling.
  • Dust pollution control. Apply to control dust pollution in coal yards, mining areas, power plants, steel mills, port coal yards, and other places.
  • Cool down and disinfect. Carry out large-scale disinfection in airports, highways, stations, docks, and other places. Aim to carry out dust reduction, moisturizing, and cooling disinfection treatment.
Dust Suppression System Application
Dust Suppression System Application

Apply Case

Dust Suppression System Applies in Coal Handling Plant
YG-80 Mist Cannon Dust Suppression System

Environmental Fog Cannon Features

YG environmental protection dust suppression system manufacturer will introduce many advantages of this equipment to you.

  • The equipment is simple, economical and practical, and easy to operate and maintain.
  • Suppress the dust at the point of dust generation. It is the fastest and most effective way to avoid the generation and spread of dust pollution.
  • It can be installed on a concrete technical platform or a steel platform. And can also be installed on a transport vehicle, and the installation is more flexible.
  • Strong ability, long-range, wide-coverage, can realize quantitative and timing spraying.
  • Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment, the water mist coverage area of the environmental protection fog cannon machine is farther.
  • Wide range of applications. It is suitable for spraying dust suppression and dust prevention in any place that can produce dust. Such as coal yards, power plants, construction sites, docks, urban roads, landscaping, and other places.
  • The sprayed mist particles are fine and form a moist mist when in contact with dust, which can quickly suppress dust.

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