fog cannon machines loading

Fog Cannon Machine Sold to Singapore

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At the beginning of the month, a Singaporean customer got in touch with us to inquire about the fog cannon machine. When we received his quotation, we confirmed some requirements and sent him a lot of pictures, videos, and parameters. Finally, he ordered 5 sets of the YG-80 fog cannon machines from our company. We appreciate his trust and want to do our best to provide our best service for him. Two days ago, he received the machines and sent us great feedback. If you are also looking for the fog cannon machine, welcome to get in touch with us to learn more information.

fog cannon machines loading
fog cannon machines loading
fog cannon machines for transportation
fog cannon machines for transportation

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Parameter of the Industrial Water Cannon

Horizontal range30-40m40-50m60m60-80m
Horizontal rotation±160°±160°±160°±160°
Tilt angle range-10°- 60°-10°- 60°-10°- 60°-10°- 60°
Consumption (L/min) Adjustable 10-20L20-40L20-40L20-50L
The fog size (μm) Adjustable40-20040-20040-20040-200
Control modeRemote/ Manual
Power of the fan3KW7.5KW11KW18.5-22KW
Ambient temperature-10℃ ~ +45℃

How to Operate the Fog Cannon Machine?

Before starting the machine, please check whether the joints are connected accurately and whether the fasteners are firm. First press the fan operation button on the control box with your finger to start the fan (which can be operated by remote control). After the fan operates normally, press the spray start button to start the pump head. Then lower the pressure regulating handle to the lowest position and adjust the pressure regulator screw, make the pressure gauge at about 25-30kg, tighten the fixing nut, release the water outlet switch connected to the air duct, the air duct starts spraying, and the operation can be carried out. If the hairdryer needs to be swung up and down and left and right, it can be operated remotely. After the operation is completed, if you need to stop the machine, first press the spray stop button on the control box, then press the fan swing stop button, which can be operated remotely, and finally close the generator set.

Fog Cannon in Coal Plant
Fog Cannon in Coal Plant

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Maintenance of the Mist Fogging Machine

The oil in the pump head and crankcase should be replaced every 20 hours after the first use, and every 50 hours after use later. The appropriate oil change time is when the machine cools down after operation. Remove the oil drain screw on the pump head to drain the oil, and remove impurities in the crankcase. If the flow rate decreases and the pressure is insufficient during operation, please check whether the pump head belt is loose, whether the suction pipe is firmly installed and leaking and whether the piston rubber ring of the pump is worn; observe whether there is return liquid flowing out after closing the return valve. If there is backflow, check whether the return valve stem or the return valve seat is damaged. Parts that cannot be repaired should be replaced immediately.

Fog Cannon Dust Suppression

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Fog Cannon Machine Manufacturer

YG Machinery is a professional mist fogging machine manufacturer. We have exported the equipment to Romania, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, Cameroon, Tanzania, Chile, etc. We have rich experience in the fog cannon machine export. And there are professional teams to provide the pre-sale, sale, and after-sale service. In addition, we also provide block brick making machines, mobile concrete pumps, road marking machines, crack sealing machines, mortar spraying machines, automatic sandblasting machines, and so on. Contact us to get more details.

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