Log Grapple for Excavator
Log Grapple for Excavator

The log grapple for excavator is a kind of excavator attachment, which designs according to the work of grabbing wood and stone in actual work. The invention of the mini excavator log grapple provides convenience for grabbing materials. The closed structure design prevents materials from falling easily and is especially suitable for places with high loading and lifting. YG’s excavator wood grabber also can apply for grabbing stones, scrap steel, bamboo, and other materials by redesigning and modifying the claws.

Log Grapple For Excavator Application

The log grapple for excavator means an excavator attachment designed for grabbing wood. But by designing the claws, the attachment can also be used in quarries, scrap steel mills, and other places. It is widely used in grabbing stone, wood cane, scrap steel, pipe, and so on.

Excavator Log Grapple Application
Excavator Log Grapple Application
Excavator Rotating Grapple Application
Excavator Rotating Grapple Application

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Models Of Mini Excavator Log Grapple

YG excavator and attachment manufacturer provides three types of mini excavator log grapples. Moreover, the attachment can change the structure and material of the claws to grab the stone, steel, and other materials.

YG-04 excavator log grapple model
YG-04 Model
Suitable ExcavatorT10-16
Rated PressureBAR280
Rated FlowLPM160
Rated PressureBAR260
YG-06 rotating wood grab model
YG-06 Model

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Suitable ExcavatorTCAT320D
Driving PressureKGF/CM2280
Driving FlowLPM200-250
YG-08 hydraulic grapple for excavator model
YG-08 Model

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Excavator Log Grapple Types

The excavator log grapple includes a mechanical log grapple and a hydraulic wood grabber. The mechanical log grab can be used without modifying the pipeline and hydraulic system of the small excavator, and the use cost is low. Hydraulic mini excavator log grapple includes rotary log grapple and fixed wood grab. The rotary wood grab can realize 360-degree rotation, which is convenient and practical.

Rotating Log Grapple for Excavator
Rotating Log Grapple for Excavator

How Does the Mini Excavator Log Grapple Work?

The excavator log grapple is an excavator attachment that imitates the manual grabbing of materials. Install the log grab on the front end of the small caterpillar excavator when working. Start the excavator to manipulate the wood grabber to grab the wood, and after grabbing the wood, the gripper closes and holds the wood tightly. The excavator moves the excavator rotating grapple to move the timber to other places. The log grab for the excavator saves a series of work procedures such as loading and unloading.

Hydraulic Log Grapple
Hydraulic Log Grapple

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Excavator Rotating Grapple Attachment Features

  • 360°rotation. The excavator attachment can realize clockwise and counterclockwise 360-degree free rotation, which is convenient for grabbing wood.
  • The opening is large. Large opening width, small weight, strong performance, and heavier objects to be picked up.
  • Strong and sturdy. The log grapple for the excavator is made of Q345B as a whole, high-temperature forging is strong and durable and has a long service life.
  • Can be equipped with a converter to easily switch with other excavator attachments
  • Adapt to various types of excavators. YG provides excavators of various tonnages, and the attachments of the excavators can be matched with different types of excavators.
  • Wide Application. The hydraulic wood grab is suitable for grabbing steel, wood, stone, and other purposes.

Log Grapple For Excavator VS Stone Grapple

The log grapple for excavator is the same type of excavator as the equipment for grabbing stones and steel. But they also have some slightly different. The inside of the excavator wood grab has a smooth structure, which has a large gripping capacity and does not damage the wood. There are many protrusions in the claws of the steel grabber or stone grabber, which have strong anti-skid performance and are not easy to fall when grabbing.

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