The disposable PE glove making machine makes a disposable glove from low LDPE, high HDPE, and other materials. The machine can realize continuous production and large production output. The PE glove machine can realize one-stop production from raw materials to finished products. The thickness, color, and specification of the gloves can be customized according to the needs of customers. Yugong disposable plastic glove production machine manufacturers provide a variety of plastic material glove production machines. Such as PVC glove making machine, PE glove machine, VINYL glove production machine, HDPE glove machine, etc. Which glove machine do you want to know, please contact us for a free quote.

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What are PE gloves?

PE gloves are disposable gloves made of low LDPE, high HDPE and other additives. Since PE gloves are polyethylene materials, PE gloves can touch food. Therefore, PE gloves are often used in the catering industry. The plastic bags that we often use in our lives and the white transparent gloves that come into contact with food are all made of PE.

PE gloves
Food grade disposable glove making machine

YG plastic gloves manufacturing machine for sale

We have fully automatic disposable PE gloves-making machine for sale and semi-automatic double-layer plastic gloves-making machine for sale. A fully automatic hand gloves manufacturing machine is a mechanical arm to tear the finished disposable clear plastic gloves. Semi-automatic plastic hand gloves manufacturing machine is manually tearing the finished PE gloves. Which is PE glove-making machine do you need? Also, YG Machinery has a high-quality nitrile gloves-making machine, PE gloves Packing Machine and wet wipes-making machine for sale.

disposable clear plastic gloves machine
Disposable Clear Plastic Gloves Machine
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Automatic double-layer PE gloves making machine features

  • The whole PE gloves machine is controlled by microcomputer, towed by servo motor and automatically torn edge, realizing full-automatic production.
  • Any fixed length, step photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, automatic stop when losing standard, photoelectric control is adopted for feeding.
  • Automatic counting and settable counting alarm.
  • Automatic constant temperature makes the bag mouth sealed firmly and smoothly.
PE gloves for food industry
PE Gloves For Food Industry
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What is the PE gloves machine configuration?

Main motor
Main motor frequency converter
Discharge ac * 2
Conveyor gear motor
Feed motor
Glove mold*2 sets
400MM cutter
Temperature control
Electrostatic apparatus
Rear discharge rubber roller

PE hand gloves making machine

An important structure of the machine: Iron Plate H10 Channel Steel No. 8 Cast Iron Pig Iron

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PE hand gloves making machine parameters

Unwinding Diameter¢600MM
Bag Making Width240-300MM
Bag Length200-350MM
Cutting Speed320-400 Pc/Min
Membrane Thickness0.008-0.02MM
Machine Weight1000KG
plastic PE gloves manufacturing machine
Disposable Clear Plastic Gloves
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Configuration list of automatic edge tearing machine

Servo motor and driver*1Set
Stepping motor and driver for the bag out*1Set
Single-phase geared motor*1Set
Synchronous wheel*10Pc
A timing belt (rubber)*5Set
Conveyor (PVC)*4Set
Trachea and fast interface*1Pc
Proximity switch*1Pc
Photoelectric switch*1Pc
The main structure (Channel steel)*1 set
Other structures (A3 iron plate H1/H3/H6)*1Set

PLC Control Panel
PLC Control Panel

Automatic edge tearing machine parameters

Gas Source¢12MM,0.6~0.8MPa
Automatic edge tearing machine
Automatic Edge Tearing Machine
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Why choose YG PE gloves manufacturing machine?

YG Machinery specializes in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of machinery and equipment production lines and provides whole plant project proposal service. For example, disposable (Latex/Nitrile/PE/PVC) gloves making machine. Mask-making machine. Melt-blown fabric cloth production line. Wet wipes production line, tissue paper making machineveterinary glove making machine, and so on. In addition to the unified machine developed and produced by ourselves. YG Machinery can also accept machine customization. So as to manufacture machinery that is more in line with your needs, in order to reduce your cost of purchasing machines and save energy during use. Please feel free to leave your requirements.

YG hand gloves production line manufacturer
YG Hand Gloves Production Line Manufacturer
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Plastic hand gloves machine delivery time

In general, PE gloves making machine delivery within 20 days after receipt of advance payment (down payment).

YG plastic PE gloves machine after-sales service commitment

After the equipment arrives at the buyer, personnel are immediately dispatched to install and debug the equipment and assist the operator in providing guidance if the customer needs it. In addition, the warranty period of the equipment is one year, and spare parts can be replaced free of charge during the warranty period. If you are looking for a reliable and powerful gloves production line manufacturer or wet wipes machine factory, Henan Yugong Machinery Co. Ltd will be your ideal partner.

Other Products

In addition to disposable (Latex/Nitrile/PE/PVC) gloves making machine, we also have these production line equipment. Tissue paper making machine, paper rewinding machine, water bottle filling machine, wet wipes making machine. etc. Leave your message now.

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