Disposable gloves types

Disposable Gloves Types | How to choose the right glove?

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Disposable gloves are the most used gloves in our daily life, medical examinations, experiments, etc. The use of disposable gloves avoids cross infection and protects medical, experimental and other environments. Especially since COVID-19, the use of disposable medical gloves has greatly increased. Disposable gloves are not made from one material, and gloves of different materials and designs have different functions. Using the wrong disposable gloves types can result in reduced effectiveness and wasted resources.

Disposable gloves types

There are many types of disposable gloves, but we often classify them by the material of the glove. According to the different materials used in the production of gloves, disposable gloves can be divided into plastic disposable gloves, latex disposable gloves and nitrile disposable gloves. Yugong Machinery provides a variety of disposable glove making machines, click the button below to get a quote for glove making machines.

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PE gloves

Plastic disposable gloves are available in PE gloves and PVC gloves. Plastic gloves are generally used in the field of life, and their elasticity and durability are relatively poor, but they are cheap. PE is made of polyethylene and can come into contact with food; while PVC is made of polyvinyl chloride and cannot come into contact with food with high heat. Polyvinyl chloride is an initiator of vinyl chloride monomer in peroxides, azo compounds and so on. Vinyl gloves are often referred to as synthetic leather and are an alternative to leather.

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Latex gloves

Disposable latex gloves are gloves made of natural latex and other fine auxiliaries. Such gloves are usually used in operating rooms, laboratories and other places that require high hygiene conditions. Latex gloves have wear resistance, certain elasticity, and good oil resistance. Latex gloves are divided into two types: powdered and powderless. Latex gloves contain protein and may cause allergic reactions.

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Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are made of chemical synthetic latex, do not contain natural protein, and will not cause allergic reactions in the human body.It has good oil resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance. Nitrile gloves widely applies in food, medical, industrial, cleaning and other fields. Because nitrile gloves are protein-free and durable, nitrile gloves have become the preferred disposable gloves in the medical industry.

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What is the difference between nitrile, latex and plastic gloves?

CharacteristicsPlastic gloveLatex gloveNitrile glove
Whether cause allergyNoYesrarely produce
Puncture resistanceNot resistant to puncturePuncture resistantHigher puncture resistance than latex
Is it flexibleNoHave some flexibility Yes
DurabilityPoorMore durableMore durable
Whether it fits the handYesNoNo
Application fieldDaily life, food processing Industrial and agricultural production, medical care, daily lifeHousework, electronics, chemicals, aquaculture, glass, food and other factory protection, hospitals, scientific research

The above lists the differences between the three types of disposable gloves that some users are more concerned about. You can choose the right disposable gloves types based on your application and needs. Yugong Machinery manufactures various types of glove machines, if you want to mass produce disposable gloves, please contact us. Such as nitrile glove making machine, latex glove machine, cotton glove machine, coated glove machine.

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