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Concrete Pile Crusher For Sale to Singapore

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Concrete Pile Crusher Customer case

On June 15th, our pile crusher was successfully delivered to the Singapore customer. After a commissioning and trial operation, the pile crusher machine is now working normally and generating benefits.

On June 6, we received an inquiry about a hydraulic pile breaker from a Singaporean customer. After we send the customer product information and a reasonable quotation. The customer trusts us very much. The customer wants to break a cast-in-place pile with a diameter of 1.5 meters. Then, in the email and WhatsApp communication, He confirmed the product details with our account manager Eric. After the customer makes a payment on June 9th, we arranged the delivery immediately. Singapore is relatively close to us. Therefore, the pile crusher machine was delivered to the customer’s construction site on June 15th.

hydraulic pile crusher machine manufacturer

Hydraulic Pile Crusher Machine Manufacturer

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Working Principle of Concrete Pile Crusher

Pile Crusher, also known as pile breaker machine or pile cutter machine. The pile breaker provides pressure to multiple cylinders of the pile cutter through a power source. The oil cylinder directly drives the drill rod. Simultaneously squeeze the pile body to cut off the pile head. During the construction process of the pile crusher machine, the operation is simple, high efficiency, low noise, and low cost. It is suitable for pile group construction projects. The concrete pile crusher adopts a highly modular combination, and the modules are connected by a pin shaft. Concrete pile crusher is possible to cut pile heads with diameters within a certain range by combining the number of different modules.

YG Hydraulic Pile Breaker Machine Construction Site

YG Hydraulic Pile Breaker Machine Construction Site

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Hydraulic Concrete Pile Crusher Application

Hydraulic pile breaking machine cuts and removes: such as cast-in-place piles, precast piles, etc. From the shape of the pile cutting head, it can be divided into round pile breakers and square pile machines. Pile-breaking machines are widely used in high-speed railway bridges and industrial and civil construction pile foundation projects. Generally, round pill crushers are suitable for pile diameters between 250mm-2500mm. The square pile cutter is suitable for the pile side length of 300-650mm, which can meet the requirements of various large-scale foundation constructions.

Application scenarios of pile breaking machine

Application scenarios of pile breaking machine

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Features of Concrete Pile Breaker

  1. The hydraulic pile crushing machine realizes high efficiency and low noise pile cutting.
  2. Modularization. Through the combination of different numbers of modules, pile heads of different diameters can be cut.
  3. High-cost performance, low operating cost.
  4. The pile crushing operation is simple, does not require professional skills, and the operation is quite safe.
  5. The pile breaker can be connected with a variety of construction machinery to truly realize the versatility and economy of the product. It can be hung on construction machinery such as excavators, cranes, and telescopic booms.
  6. Long-life design brings benefits to customers.
YG hydraulic cutting machine factory

YG hydraulic cutting machine factory

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Why choose YG Machinery?

With the continuous development of the pile-breaking industry, pile-breaking technology is constantly updated and replaced. From manual to mechanical, the pile breaking speed is increasing step by step. Throughout the major domestic and foreign manufacturers of pile-breaking machine brands, although their appearance is similar, their performance is very different. This greatly affects the pile-breaking speed of the pile-breaking machine.

The pile-cutting diameter of YG’s pile-breaking machine is 150 mm-2500 mm, and the pile-cutting diameter of other brand pile-breaking machines is below 1500mm.

Uniform module size, no matter the size of the pile, only needs to increase or decrease module. Other brands of different piles, different modules.

The drill rod stroke of a single module of the YG pile breaker is 280mm. And the stroke of a single module of other brands of pile breakers: 180mm.

YG concrete pile cutter machine has a solid and heavy structure. The weight of a single module is 328kg. While the weight of a single module of other manufacturers is less than 200kg.

YG pile crushing machine requires 13 modules to break 1500mm, and other brands need 15 modules to break 1500mm.

YG Pile Crusher Machine For Sale

YG Pile Crusher Machine For Sale

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