The automatic high-speed sanitary napkin making machine is a machine for mass production of sanitary napkins for women at high speed. The raw materials for producing sanitary pads include non-woven or cotton cloth, perforated film, fluff pulp, absorbent resin, cast film, hot melt adhesive, etc. The automatic servo sanitary napkin manufacturing machine can complete a series of processes from raw materials to finished products. The molds on the machine can be customized and replaced, suitable for producing many different shapes of the menstrual pads. The whole machine adopts an advanced servo click and PLC intelligent control system, which reduces manual participation, is clean and hygienic, and has high production efficiency. If you need a sanitary napkin making machine price, please feel free to contact us.

Sanitary Napkin Pads Manufacturing Process
Sanitary Napkin Pads Manufacturing Process

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The Concept of Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkins are an absorbent material. The main materials are cotton, non-woven fabric, and paper pulp. Or high molecular polymer and high molecular polymer composite paper formed by a composite of the above materials. The side design is mainly used to prevent side leakage. Therefore, sanitary napkins with soft material sides are more popular among women.

Feminine Sanitary Napkins
Feminine Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary Napkin & Pads Making Machine Working Video

Two Types of Sanitary Napkin Machine

Mini Sanitary Pads Making Machine

Small sanitary napkin making machines meet the needs of small and medium-sized sanitary pads processing plants. It can process 0~100m of raw materials per minute. There are mainly two types of small feminine napkin machines. Below are pictures showing you the two menstrual pad devices. Moreover, YG sanitary napkin machine manufacturers can customize the appropriate type of mold for you according to the size of the sanitary napkin you produce.

Mini Sanitary Napkin Machine

Semi-automatic Sanitary Pad Machine

Mini Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Machine
Mini Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Machine
Semi Automatic Sanitary Pads Making Machine
Semi Automatic Sanitary Pads Making Machine
Name:Ultrasonic lace Machine Working Speed:0-20m/min
Voltage:220V/110VRoller width:1-95mm
Packing Size:126x60x130cmG.W(kg)200kg
Name:Automatic gluing sanitary napkin machine  Working Speed:80/min
Voltage:220V/110VRoller width:1-200mm
Packing Size:333*134*202cmG.W(kg)860kg

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Fully Automatic Sanitary Napkin Making Machine

Fully automatic sanitary napkin production equipment can meet fully automated production from raw materials to finished products. Compared with semi-automatic equipment, fully automatic equipment has a higher degree of automation and high production efficiency. It can produce about 600~1000pcs menstrual pads per minute. This fully automatic equipment is suitable for large factories to produce sanitary napkins quickly and efficiently.

Fully Automatic Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Machine
Fully Automatic Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Machine

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Full Servo Sanitary Napkin Production Line Parameter

Overall Size30*6*3.5m
Machine Size26*2*3.5m
Design Speed1300pcs/min
Stable Work Speed600pcs/min
Pass Percentage98%
Power Source380V,50Hz
Machine Capacity250Kw
Air Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine Weight40T

Feminine Sanitary Napkin Machine Configuration

Product sizeDaytime use: 240mm
Night use: 285mm(customized design)
Safety systemSafety guard installed at the operating side, with emergency stop switch, security identifier. The driven side is equipped with a safety pull wire.
Control systemPLC control system. Operating on the touch screen. Configure HDTV monitor
Materials corrective systemGermany BST automatic web guide system (optional).
Drive systemConvey servo drive, imported timing belt, key position adopt the imported bearing.
Product structureTissue paper,sap paper,topsheet nonwoven,double side nonwoven(3pcs),ADL,back sheet,back&wings release paper,packing film
Tension systemTissue paper, cotton core (SAP),  Top sheet nonwoven, ADL, PE film,back&wing release paper, packing film A&B shaft unwinding by Inverter motor

Lady Sanitary Napkin Making Machine Working Principle

The principle of sanitary napkin production is a process of physical combination and pressure-cutting through a sanitary napkin making machine. The production process of menstrual pads generally includes the pulverization of fluff pulp and the mixing of polymer materials from front to back. Cotton cutter assembly, diversion assembly, circumferential seal assembly, forming knife assembly. Four chemical press cutting assembly and fabric, base film, chip, base film, film unwinding process and mask, base film, glue gun, and glue machine system.

Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Machine

Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Machine

Benefits of Auto Sanitary Napkin and Pads Making Machine

  • There are many specifications of sanitary pads, ranging from 210mm to 420mm in length.
  • Sanitary pad machine advantages: According to different markets, machine specifications are different. The fully automatic sanitary napkin-making machine has a long service life.
  • Applicable market: Applicable to domestic and foreign markets。
  • Feminine napkin production line operation: The machine has low difficulty in operation, fewer production stations, and mature equipment.
  • According to different sanitary pad making machine requirements, the fastest production speed can reach 1300 pieces per minute.
Sanitary Napkin Making Machine Price

Sanitary Napkin Making Machine Price

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Sanitary Pad Making Machine

Sanitary napkin manufacturing machine, also called sanitary pad making machine. In most cases, feminine napkin specifically refers to products used during menstruation. Sanitary pad refers to the smaller pads used before and after menstruation. We have a menstrual pad manufacturing machine and sanitary pads manufacturing machine. Please feel free to tell us what you need, and we will reply to the sanitary napkin-making machine price to you asap.

Sanitary Napkin & Sanitary Pad

Sanitary Napkin & Sanitary Pad

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Is the Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Business Profitable?

Today, a sanitary napkin is a must-have product for most women during their period. According to the general consumption, a woman can consume about 20 feminine napkins per month. So every woman can consume about 250 menstrual pads in a year. Assuming that 100 people buy your brand of sanitary pads every day, 10 million pads can be sold in a year. The production cost of each sanitary napkin is assumed to be 0.2 yuan, and the price is 0.5 yuan. Then the annual sales profit can reach 3 million. Excluding machine costs, labor, and other costs, you can earn at least 1 million a year. Therefore, it can be seen that the sanitary napkin production business is profitable.

YG Sanitary Pads Making Machine Sold to South Africa

In early May, Yugong exported a sanitary pads making machine to South Africa. The South African customer left us a message at the beginning of this year for the details of the sanitary napkin machine. He wants to start a sanitary napkin production business, but he does not know the production process and purchase details of menstrual pads. Our sales manager Joyce sent the details of the machine to the South African customer. And gave professional advice on the business.

Semi Automatic Sanitary Pads Making Machine For Sale
Semi Automatic Sanitary Pads Making Machine For Sale

After several months of investigation and confirmation of the details of the machine, the South African customer finally paid for the feminine napkin manufacturing machine at the end of 4. Yugong’s sanitary napkin making machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, easy operation, and low cost. If you want to know about or buy the automatic menstrual pad machine, please leave a message below or directly click on WhatsApp to leave a message.

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YG Products Overview

YG Machinery specializes in the production and sales of various sanitary equipment production line machinery. For example, low-cost sanitary pad-making machines, Tissue paper-making machine. Wet wipes making machine. Paper cup-making machine. Nitrile gloves making machine.Spiral paper tube making machine.

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