Principles of PSA nitrogen generator for sale

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator for sale for nitrogen production uses air as raw material and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent. The principle of pressure swing adsorption is used to make a carbon molecular sieve full of micropores selectively adsorb air molecules. In order to obtain a new nitrogen production technology of 95%-99.9997% nitrogen. YG machinery has high quality and durable nitrogen generator for sale. Contact us to get the nitrogen generator price now.

The PSA nitrogen generator for sale equipment is mainly composed of two adsorption towers A and B equipped with a carbon molecular sieve and a control system. When compressed air (the pressure is generally 0.8Mpa) passes through Tower A from bottom to top, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and moisture are absorbed by carbon molecular sieve. The nitrogen is passed through and out of the top of the tower. When the molecular sieve in tower A is saturated with adsorption, switch to tower B to perform the above adsorption process and at the same time regenerate the molecular sieve in tower A. The so-called regeneration means that the gas in the adsorption tower is discharged to the atmosphere so that the pressure is rapidly reduced to normal pressure. So that the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and moisture adsorbed by the molecular sieve are released from the molecular sieve.

pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator price
Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator Price

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YG energy-saving nitrogen generator for sale

Henan YG Air Separation Equipment Company has always been based on serving customers. Focus on technological innovation and energy efficiency improvement. Continuous breakthroughs in the optimized design and the never-ending pursuit of quality endow the energy-saving nitrogen generator for sale 0.with excellent qualities such as stability and reliability, efficient production, energy-saving, and environmental protection. YG’s air separation equipment technology level is in the leading position in the industry.

industrial nitrogen generator system cost
Industrial Nitrogen Generator System Cost

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Intelligent frequency conversion

The YG Air Separation Technical Team has uniquely developed the “load adjustment” automatic control technology of the PSA nitrogen generator according to the working characteristics of the nitrogen generator. The energy-saving nitrogen generator has the function of “intelligent frequency conversion”. Compared with similar products, the energy-saving effect is more significant. It can fully meet the needs and purposes of customers for energy saving and consumption reduction.

In the PSA nitrogen production process, the gas consumption of the equipment is inversely proportional to the working (adsorption) cycle. That is the shorter the working period, the greater the gas consumption. The longer the working period, the smaller the gas consumption. The working period is directly proportional to the nitrogen purity. Under certain conditions, that is, the shorter the working period, the higher the nitrogen purity. The longer the working period, the lower the nitrogen purity. The purity of nitrogen is inversely proportional to the flow rate. The higher the nitrogen purity, the lower the flow rate. The lower the purity, the greater the nitrogen flow.

The energy-saving nitrogen generator for sale sets a benchmark purity according to the gas purity requirements. The PLC adopts a standard switching cycle within this benchmark purity. When the user’s nitrogen consumption decreases, the purity of the nitrogen slowly rises. When the purity is higher than the reference purity, the PLC will slowly extend the switching cycle. Until the purity is lower than the standard, switch to another working tower to work. In this way, the purpose of reducing gas consumption and energy saving can be achieved, and the nitrogen generator can always work at standard purity. The nitrogen-making equipment can always achieve the best energy-saving working state under the control of PLC.

PSA nitrogen gas generator unit
PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator Unit

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Professional protection of core components

Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) is the core of PSA nitrogen production equipment, which is directly related to the service life of the nitrogen generator. Therefore, the protection of carbon molecular sieve is particularly important in the PSA nitrogen production process. Please leave your requirement about the nitrogen generation unit. Then we will send the nitrogen gas generator price for your reference.

There are two main parts to protect carbon molecular sieve. One is to use air purification equipment to deeply remove water, dust, and oil from the raw material air of the PSA nitrogen production equipment. So as to avoid the “poisoning” of carbon molecular sieve and reduce the performance or even fail. Second, use effective compaction components to dynamically compact the molecular sieve filled in the adsorption tower. Therefore, it is avoided that the strength and service life of the molecular sieve will be reduced due to the continuous pressure release in the adsorption tower, and even the molecular sieve will be completely pulverized and destroyed.

industrial nitrogen generator supplier
Industrial Nitrogen Generator Supplier

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Purification equipment effectively prevents CMS “poisoning”

In order to effectively protect the carbon molecular sieve and prevent the raw material air from polluting the carbon molecular sieve, thereby causing the “poisoning” of the carbon molecular sieve. YG air separation equipment company designs and manufactures its own air purification equipment. And continuously improve the design and product performance, to ensure that the raw material air meets the technical requirements of the nitrogen generator for sale to ensure the normal service life of the nitrogen generator.

pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generation plant
Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generation Plant

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