PET preform making machine price in India

PET Preform Making Machine Price in India

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PET bottle preform injection molding machine is an equipment for making an intermediate product-PET plastic bottles. Place the PET preform in a PET blowing machine mold, and injection air into the PET preform, and the product can be blown according to the shape of the mold. PET preform has good physical and chemical properties, good transparency, weak acid resistance, and is not easy to damage. Moreover, the plastic bottles made by PET preforms has good molding effect, reduces production costs, and reduces labor. It is the best intermediate for plastic processing factories to make PET plastic bottles. With the popularity of PET preforms, the purchase demand for PET preform making machines has increased. In recent years, PET preform making machine have become popular in India.

Why are PET Preform Making Machines Popular in India?

In recent years, India has developed rapidly in the plastic products industry, and India has become one of the fastest growing countries in the plastic industry in the world. It is reported that India’s plastic consumption is growing at an annual rate of 16%, much higher than that of China and the United Kingdom. The Indian plastics industry has more than 2,000 exporters, more than 30,000 plastic processing units, and more than 700 recycling companies. Indian plastics companies have not only brought more jobs, but also increased exports. The packaging industry is also a strong growth sector in India. Among them, plastic bottles and plastic cans are two widely used products in the packaging industry. For example, food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, etc. all need to be packaged in plastic bottles. Therefore, convenient raw material acquisition and broad demand space make PET preform making machines popular in India.

India plastic industry
India plastic industry

How are the Preforms Made?

PET preform is a finished product processed by PET resin through a PET preform injection molding machine. It is processed using a hot runner mold, and the size and shape of the mold determine the shape and size of the PET preform. Before the PET raw material enters the injection molding machine for processing, the raw material needs to be dried to remove moisture and prepare for high temperature injection molding. After entering the injection molding machine, the raw material is transformed into a fluid state in a high-temperature molten state, and then is molded by a mold. At the same time, the pressure contained in the equipment changes the fluidity of the melt.

PET preform machine molds and finished products
PET preform machine molds and finished products

PET Preform Making Machine Price in India

Affected by the hot plastic market in India, Yugong has exported several PET preform making machines to India. After receiving inquiries from many customers, the price of PET preform injection molding machine is a factor that many customers focus on. The PET preform making machine cost is mainly affected by factors such as machine model, template size, output and so on.

  • Machine Mold

The PET bottle preform injection molding machine mold determines by the equipment’s screw diameter. The larger the screw diameter, the larger the equipment. The same mold size, the larger the screw diameter, the more PET preforms produced, and the greater the output.

  • Mould size

The mold in the mold cavity is the most important part that affects the PET preform size. The shape of the PET preform is generally a slender U-shaped tube. The larger the size of the mold, the larger the space it occupies. For the same type of machine, the larger the size of the mold, the less the number of molds placed, and the less the output. In addition, Yugong PET bottle preform making machine manufacturers accept customize molds.

  • Yield

From the above two aspects, the price of PET preform making machine is mainly affected by the machine model and mold size. But The main thing is that the output affects the price of the machine.

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