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What is the difference between sandblasting and shot blasting?

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In the process production of machinery, shipbuilding, aircraft parts, etc., it is often necessary to treat the surface of objects. Either to remove the rust on the surface, or to enhance the surface gloss, or to increase the performance of the surface of the object and so on. These need to be sandblasted or shot blasted. So do you know how both technologies work? What are the differences between them? Yugong shot blasting machine manufacturers introduce to you below.

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What is sandblasting technology?

Sandblasting is a surface treatment process that uses compressed air as power to spray sand onto the surface of objects at high speed. The sandblasting machine mainly uses irregular sand particles to impact the surface of the object, which has the effect of cleaning and increasing the roughness of the surface of the object. Sandblasting is generally used to remove rust from the surface, and will avoid surface deformation, reduce surface roughness and bond strength. During blasting, it induces small changes in workpiece dimensions. Shot peening has the same working principle as sandblasting, except that it uses compressed air to spray the pellets onto the surface of the object. Shot peening is generally round shot without edges and corners, such as steel shot, glass shot, ceramic shot, etc.


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What is shot blasting technology?

Shot blasting technology is a process in which a high-speed rotating impeller is used to spray pellets onto the surface of an object to clean or strengthen the surface of the object. The shot used by the shot blasting machine generally includes steel shot, aluminum shot, glass beads, ceramic shot, etc. The shot blasting machine can control the effect of injection by controlling the number of pellets. Shot blasting is a surface enhancement process for yarn shears. But it is less detailed than shot peening. Shot blasting technology is generally used for batch processing of large plane single workpieces. Such as shipbuilding, auto parts, aircraft parts, guns and tank surfaces, bridges, steel structures, glass, steel plates, pipes, etc.

small portable shot blasting machine
small portable shot blasting machine

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What is the difference between shot blasting and sand blasting?

SandblastingShot peeningShot blasting
Powercompressed aircompressed airHigh-speed rotating impeller
MaterialSand with edges and corners, brown corundum, white corundum, iron sandRound granules without edges and corners, steel shot, glass shot, ceramic shotSteel shot, aluminum shot, glass bead, ceramic shot
FunctionRust removal, cleaning, roughness increaseMake the surface of the object tighter, more wear-resistant, tough and corrosion-resistantClean the surface of the strengthened object
ApplicationShipbuilding, bridges, machinery, oil pipelines, metallurgy, machine tools, railways, machinery manufacturing, port construction, water conservancy projects, etc.Suitable for small parts processingConcrete pavement grinding, airport runway, steel plate, municipal pavement

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How to choose shot blasting and sand blasting technology?

Above we have listed the concepts and differences about sandblasting, shot peening and shot blasting. We can’t say which technique is better, we should choose based on the characteristics of the object we are dealing with and the type of surface finish we want to achieve. For example, if you want to work on a small workpiece such as a teeth, shot peening is best. Because the shot angle of the shot blasting machine cannot be changed, there may be dead corners, which is not suitable for processing such small parts. For example, a large piece of steel needs to be processed, then a shot blasting machine that can process quickly can be used.

If you would like to know which process is suitable for the object you are dealing with, please leave us a message.

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