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The computer glove knitting machine uses the sinker as the knitting principle. The glove knitting machine is controlled by microcomputer technology, using high-quality materials and superb processing technology. It is also equipped with computer box parts and electrical components made in China. It is suitable for a wide range of raw materials and can be knitted in one-time forming.

The glove knitting machine can be arbitrarily set with half-finger, full-finger, ingot finger type labor insurance gloves and anti-freezing and cold-proof elastic fashion gloves. The length can be controlled arbitrarily. Its various technical indicators are comparable to similar advanced models. The glove knitting machine has 7 needles, 10 needles, 13 needles, 15 needles. The size of the glove knitting machine is divided into S, M, and L, with optional automatic selvage function. Click here if you also want to learn about our nitrile gloves making machine for sale or latex gloves making machine.

work gloves knitting machine parts

Work Gloves Knitting Machine Parts

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Needle Pitch 7G/10G/13G/15G
Motor Power 220V, 250W
Maximum Speed Long-stroke120 rpm, Short-stroke 260 rpm
Knitting Speed Finger 200r/min, Palm 180r/min
Operating 25–30 pieces/person
Capacity 120 Pairs/8 hour
Weight 250KG
Size 1250*650*1750mm

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Seamless Gloves Knitting Machines Performance

Sinker knitting system: The gloves produced are more elastic, tough, and more suitable for the shape of the hand.
Column-type centralized oil supply system: The automatic oil refueling centralized oil supply system can automatically supply oil to various parts, and the maintenance is simple, which enhances the durability and production efficiency of the machine.
Durable needle board: Needle board parts are formed by inserting special high-precision needle inserts after heat treatment.
High-precision machine head: The triangle of the machine head is made of special wear-resistant steel, and is completed at one time by using CNC machining technology. At the same time, vacuum heat treatment technology is adopted, which greatly improves the wear resistance and impact resistance of the machine head. Please feel free to tell us if you want to buy wet wipes production line too.

cotton gloves knitting machine price

Cotton Gloves Knitting Machine Price

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Why Choose YG Hand Gloves Knitting Machine?

The whole process is controlled by a computer program, keyboard operation, and fabric size can be set arbitrarily.
Simple operation, high stand rate, low labor intensity.
Using frequency conversion technology, the machine runs smoothly and has stable performance.
The inlaid needle bed and sinker device make the fabric more elastic and comfortable.
With a two-color and air-jet device, the fabric is more advanced.
There are self-stop protection devices such as yarn breakage, poor fabric falling, counting, and motor overload to reduce knitting loss. By the way, you can leave your message if you are interested in our disposable gloves production line.

work gloves knitting machine package

Work Gloves Knitting Machine Package

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If you are looking for safety gloves knitting machine, YG will be your ideal choice. Please feel free to contact us to get gloves knitting machine price. In addition, we have a tissue paper-making machine & wet wipes production line for saleChoose professional gloves-making machine manufacturer, Choose YG.

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