Waste Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine Sold to Zimbabwe

1500 PCS Paper Egg Tray Machine Sold to Zimbabwe

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In mid-September, the YG egg tray making machine manufacturer sold a set of paper egg tray making machine to Zimbabwe. The pulp egg tray production line can meet the customer’s production of 1500PCS egg trays per hour. The pulp egg tray making machine can close the mold 6~7 times per minute, and one tray can produce 4 egg trays. In addition, YG engineering machinery manufacturer also offers a variety of other egg tray machine models. If you want to know the price of the egg tray machine, please contact us for a quote.

Delivery Picture
Delivery Picture
1500PCS Egg Tray Making Machine
1500PCS Egg Tray Making Machine

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1500PCS Zimbabwe Egg Tray Making Machine Configure

NameTechnical parameters Qty Picture Remark
  Forming machine YG-4×1  3kw motor   1 Egg Tray Forming Machine  Control cabinet: 1pc Weight: 1200kgSize: 2680*2200*1900mm
   Vacuum pump  Model-13 4-11kw   1  Vacuum Pump  Weight: 594kgSize: 1370*520*900mm
  Air compressor  1m³ 7.5kw   1  Air Compressor  Weight: 200kgSize: 1200*500*800mm
Forming mold(plastic)30(295*295) 4  Egg Tray Mold   The machine comes with 30pcs egg tray molds
Transfer30 4 
mold(plastic)(295*295) 4 
Pulper1m3   7.5kw1 PulperWeight: 450kgSize: 1550*1400*1500m
Slurry mixing3kw1 Slurry MixingWeight: 120kgSize: 1280*370*400mm
Slurry pumpA 3-inch slurry pump with a 3kw motor1 PumpWeight: 100kgSize: 750*300*600mm
Sewage pump1.1kw1 Sewage PumpWeight: 30kgSize: 380*250*200mm
Car washer1.6kw1 Car WasherWeight: 30kgSize: 600*400*400mm
Stirring wingspulp tank1 Car Wash WingsWeight: 50kgSize: 1500*2000mm
Slurry pump pipe 1 Slurry Pump PipelineWeight: 20kg Length: 2200mm
Transparent steel tube some Steel PipeMatch the machine

Other Applications of Egg Tray Machine

This Zimbabwe egg tray machine can not only make egg trays, but it also has other wide range of applications. The equipment can also produce coffee trays, fruit trays, electronic tooling bag linings, nursery cups, and other products. YG waste paper pulp egg tray machine has high automation, low energy consumption, and low labor cost, and is welcomed by domestic and foreign customers.

Pulp Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine Application
Pulp Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine Application

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How to Make an Egg Tray with an Egg Tray Machine?

The raw materials for producing egg trays are all kinds of waste paper, waste newspapers, waste corrugated paper, waste paper scraps, waste paper pulp from paper mills, etc.

  • The first step in making egg trays is to pour waste paper into a pulper and shred it.
  • Transport the beaten pulp to the pulp storage tank through the pulping pipe, and after stirring, the transport pump transports the pulp to the box of the egg tray machine.
  • The egg tray making machine adsorbs the pulp to a specific mold and dewaters it through a vacuum pump.
  • Put the formed wet egg tray into the drying equipment to dry to get the perfect egg tray.
Paper Egg Tray Making Process
Paper Egg Tray Making Process

Other Supporting Equipment Recommended

If you want to make a paper egg tray, then you need a pulper, egg tray machine, egg tray dryer (optional), and other equipment. And if you want to make plastic egg trays, then you need a plastic egg tray machine. Contact us for equipment recommendations and quotes.

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