Disinfection Door For Sale Introduction

The intelligent atomization disinfection door has many significant advantages. The first is the fully automatic and intelligent disinfection process. Mobile disinfection equipment has powerful functions. Adopting plasma, ultraviolet, and lightwave atomization disinfection. 360°all-round sterilization and antivirus technology. The atomizing nozzle is densely distributed inside the disinfection doorway.

Matrix-type whole-body disinfection without dead corners can sterilize all parts of the body in an all-around way. The overall design of the doorway sanitation system is user-friendly. The layout is reasonable without causing discomfort to the respiratory tract and other organs. YG has various disinfection equipment for sale. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in them.

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Upmarket Human Disinfection Door For Sale

The disinfection door can add a human body temperature alarm and thermal imaging temperature detector to detect the temperature of personnel.
In addition, the disinfection solvent is food-grad. And non-contact disinfection is adopted for passing persons and articles.
The overall stainless steel material of the disinfection gate is resistant to corrosion and deformation.
Lightly portable, 220v voltage, easy to switch.
Simple operation, economic and environmental protection.
If you purchase an intelligent disinfection temperature measuring door, you can use it directly. So as to save labor and time.
A human disinfection gate is suitable for schools, hotels, stations, shopping malls, and other crowded places.

Mobile Disinfection Equipment
Mobile Disinfection Equipment

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Principle of Intelligent Fogging Disinfection Door

The mobile human disinfection gate adopts triple disinfection of ultraviolet rays, plasma, and lightwave atomization. Therefore, the disinfection is more thorough. The disinfection door control cabinet has four buttons. Turn on the power button first. The light button is to controls the lighting. After the disinfection lamp button is turned on, the ultraviolet disinfection on both sides and the top plasma disinfection is beginning. After the disinfection button is turned on, the light wave atomization is starting. Fogging disinfection divides into low gear and high gear. At the same time, YG has low price automatic disinfection channel for sale.

temperature measuring disinfection door‎
Temperature Measuring Disinfection Door‎

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Intelligent Disinfection

The factory direct sale mobile disinfection equipment adopts the manual-automatic integrated control mode. A human disinfection gate can be intelligently disinfected by connecting with an infrared sensor. The high-quality disinfection gateway can distinguish the direction of entry and exit of personnel. So as to ensure that every person must be disinfected and not miss every entry person. While saving costs, it increases the operating life of the disinfection gateway equipment. In addition, we have cheap automatic door handle sanitizer equipment for sale.

Large Spray Volume

The YG manufactured disinfection gateway has a large spray volume and can generate a large amount of disinfection mist in a short time. Disinfection door sprayer can diffuse to every corner of the disinfection room in a short time to meet the disinfection needs of large areas and short time.

Fine Mist Particles

The full-body disinfection booths channel uses the principle of ultrasonic atomization. Therefore, the disinfection mist manufactured by the equipment can reach the micron level. The disinfected object is completely wrapped by the droplets. Make the disinfection of passers-by more comfortable. 360°all-round disinfection without dead corner.

Easy Operation

The simple disinfection doorway equipment is easy to operate. Disinfection doors can be operated without training to understand the principle of the equipment. There is no technical threshold requirement. After adding the concentrate for disinfection, sterilization, and deodorization once, it is unnecessary to take care of it for half a month or one month. YG cheap disinfection door will automatically spray disinfection. Moreover, YG has factory price self-sanitizing door handle products.

doorway sanitation tunnel system
Doorway Disinfection Tunnel System

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Advantages of Disinfection&Temperature Measuring Door

Human disinfection gate is used in shopping malls, factories, farm entrances, etc. It can quickly kill external viruses and bacteria carried by the human body. Thereby blocking the spread of external diseases.

In general, the disinfection tunnel can be completely diffused in 30 seconds. And the disinfection time only takes 5-15 seconds, which is not harmful to human health. It is safer to use. Now contact disinfection gate manufacturers freely.

full-body disinfection booth
full-body disinfection channel

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The new disinfection tunnel fogging effect is good, the mist flow crosses in multiple directions. Adhesion is strong. The disinfection and sterilization effect is remarkable. The YG supplier’s auto sanitizing gate efficiency is high.

The scope of disinfection is comprehensive and the whole body is thoroughly disinfected, which can effectively cut off the source of infection and reduce the harm of viruses and germs to everyone. There will be no hidden danger of disinfection. If you are looking for a human disinfection gate, now leave your message to get a disinfection door price list.

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