Ultrasonic Mask Ear Loop Welding Machine

ultrasonic ear loop welding machine

Ultrasonic mask ear loop welding machine is a machine that welds ear loop on pressed masks. It is the equipment that is undertaken after the blank mask making machine. The flat face mask first is cut and fold by the blank mask making machine,and then pressed mask sheet is transferred to the automatic mask ear loop welding machine through the conveyor belt. The earloop welder machine can complete and the process of automatically attaching the ear strap and automatically welding the ear strap. The entire welding process of the automatic ultrasonic earloop welding machine is completed by mechanical automation, with high welding efficiency, accurate spot welding position, good spot welding effect and beautiful appearance.

Types of ear spot welding machines

According to different welding methods, masks are divided into inner ear loop masks, outer ear loop masks and bandage masks. Therefore, the disposable face mask earloop welding machine includes inner ear mask ear loop welding machine, outer ear mask machine and tie on mask earloop welding machine.

No matter what kind of mask you are making, you need a blank mask making machine to process non-woven fabrics into face sheets of masks. It is an indispensable part of a flat mask. Then use the corresponding ear spot loop welder machine to weld the ear straps. YG Machinery will explain the different automatic mask production lines according to different masks.

Medical Mask Blank Making Machine

Face Mask Blank Making Machine

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Inner ear face mask making machine

The ear straps of the ultrasonic inner ear mask machine use ultrasonic welding. When the mask is moved to the processing position, ultrasonic waves are automatically generated, forming micro-amplitude and high-frequency vibrations on the ear straps. It is instantly converted into heat to melt the material to be processed. Finally, the ear straps are permanently posted or embedded on the inside of the mask slice. This is the last processing step in the production of inner ear masks.

If you buy a semi-automatic mask earloop welding machine, you need an operator to place the mask body piece by piece in the mask tray, and the equipment will automatically operate the subsequent actions until the finished product is completed. Please feel free to leave your requirements. We will send the ear loop welding machine&disposable face mask machine price to you for your reference.

Inner ear face mask making machine for sale

Inner ear face mask making machine for sale

Work process: (mask slice) manual feeding → automatic ear strap feeding → ultrasonic ear strap welding → non-woven side strap feeding and edging → ultrasonic side strap welding → side strap cutting → finished product output → counting → finished product stacking → conveying device send out

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Tie-on mask ear loop welding machine

Ultrasonic tie-on mask ear loop welding machine adopts the ultrasonic welding method. A conveying device is installed on the machine. The mask slice is fed into the conveying device. After the edging tube is wrapped, the band is cut off by the ultrasonic flower wheel to output the finished product. One person needs to place the mask slice on the conveyor belt of the machine, and the rest of the subsequent work is done automatically. Please contact us if you need a bandage-type disposable face mask machine.

Tie-on mask ear loop welding machine

Tie-on Mask Ear Loop Welding Machine

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Features of Tie-on Ultrasonic Mask Machine

  1. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and the appearance is light and beautiful without rust.
  2. Automatic counting, which can effectively control production efficiency and production progress.
  3. Frequency conversion control can adjust the operating speed of the equipment according to actual needs.
  4. Pull the tube to feed the material, and the positioning is more accurate so that the width of the raw material can be controlled to the minimum and cost-saving.
  5. The length and size of the finished product are controlled uniformly, with a deviation of ±1mm, which can effectively control the length of the finished product.
  6. The equipment has a high degree of automation and low requirements for the operating staff. It only needs to discharge and arrange the finished product.
  7. This machine adopts an ultrasonic Taiwan system, Japanese transducer, stable performance, and convenient operation.
  8. The automatic ultrasonic welding wheel is made of imported high-quality steel DC53, which prolongs the life of the mold and is wear-resistant and durable.
Tie-on Mask Ear Loop Welding Machine Design

Tie-on Mask Ear Loop Welding Machine Design

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Mask outside ear loop welding machine

The outer ear loop disposable face mask machine ultrasonically fused the elastic bands to the outer sides of the mask slice body to complete the outer ear loop mask. Only one operator needs to place the mask blank piece by piece on the conveyor belt jig. The rest of the subsequent actions are completed to the finished product. All are automatically operated by the machine, and the output of this machine is higher than that of an ordinary ear loop welding machine. Contact us to get an ear loop welding machine quotation.

Mask outside ear loop welding machine

Mask outside ear loop welding machine

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Parameters of ultrasonic ear loop welding machine

Machine size2646(L)*620(W)*1750(H)m/m
VoltageSingle-phase 220V
Output 45-55pcs/min
Air pressure6kg/cm2
Power consumption3KW

The size of the mask slice must be fixed.

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Features of mask outside ultrasonic ear loop sealing machine

  • The machine is compact, small in size, and does not occupy space.
  • PLC program control, high stability, low failure rate.
  • The whole machine adopts an aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm without rust.
  • Photoelectric detection reduces the error rate.
  • The welding strength of the ear straps is adjustable.

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