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Post-tensioning system, or intelligent tensioning, refers to the use of computer intelligent control technology, which does not rely on manual control by workers. And uses instruments to automatically operate to complete the tensioning of steel strands. In today’s bridge and road construction, prestressed construction is widely used. Among them, the key process of tension, the quality of the construction will directly affect the durability of the structure. But the traditional tensioning construction depends solely on the experience of the construction personnel.

This machine plays an important role in the prestressing process Manual operation. The error rate is very high, can not guarantee the quality of prestressed construction. Many bridges were forced to be reinforced in advance due to unqualified prestressed construction, which caused serious or even sudden collapse, causing huge loss of life and property to the society. Due to the high accuracy and stability of the intelligent system, intelligent tensioning technology can eliminate human interference and effectively ensure the quality of prestressed tensioning construction. It is the most advanced technology in the field of domestic prestressed tension.

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Post-Tensioning System Structure

The pre-stressed intelligent numerical control tensioning device includes a post tension jack and an electric hydraulic oil pump. It also includes a force-sensing component, a displacement sensor, and a display controller electrically connected to the force-sensing component and the displacement sensor. By adding a signal acquisition component and a corresponding signal processing device, the device digitizes the prestressed tensioning process. Which reduces the artificial factors in the construction of the prestressed structure. That greatly improves the tensioning accuracy of the prestressed structure. In addition, it can ensure the tensioning accuracy at 1%. Within the range, it can prompt whether the tensile force and tensile length value meet the requirements at any time and the set value and control value alarm.

Prestress- Tension-System-Machine
Prestress Tension System Machine

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Post Tensioning Features

The numerical control equipment realizes the precise automatic control of the prestresses during the post-tensioning process. And can automatically collect the prestressing tension. Set the form of tension (segmented tension). Automatically record the tension time, shifts, and the final prestress value of each bundle of prestressed tendons, etc. Through wireless remote data transmission, the upper computer forms these values into a report, save, or prints. Ensure the quality and accuracy of the tensioning and records. With the traditional prestressed tensioning method, the quality of the construction is concealed with the completion of the anchoring.

Tensioning System

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Intelligent Post Tensioning Machine Parameters

Maximum control pressure 60MPa
Pump flow 2.5L / min
Measurement accuracy 0.10%
Intelligent Tensioning System Applicable temperature -20-50 ºC
Voltage 380V
Synchronous tension time 10m / s
Force system accuracy 0.25% FS
Displacement measurement accuracy 0.05%
Double top to pull unbalanced 5KN
Hydraulic system: Oil pump power 4KW
Pressure range 0-55mpa,
Voltage 380V
Tension jack system: Scope of work: 27t-600t,
Tensioning stroke 200mm
Travel deviation ± 2mm
Wireless communication: Bluetooth transmission distance, 800m
Transmitting power 0.8w

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Post-Tensioning System Application

The application of the post-tensioning system has changed all this. Supervisors can grasp the tension construction quality in a timely and efficient manner without going to the site. With our close attention to the data and the cause analysis and field investigation of abnormal data. The quality management level of prestressed construction has made a qualitative leap.

At present, many prestressed bridges appear to be deflected, cracked. Or even broken after a period of operation, endangering structural safety and shortening the service life. The investigation and test results of a large number of active bridges show that the establishment of effective prestresses directly affects the safety, reliability and long-term service life of the bridge. The prestressed construction quality of bridges is a key process to ensure the safety and durability of bridge structures and is the lifeline of structural safety.

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Post-Tensioning System in YG

Traditional tensioning equipment uses manual methods to operate the multiple handles of the high-pressure combination valve to achieve a variety of beam types with different prestress tensioning, load time control, and replenishment operations. There are a series of problems such as complicated operation procedures, inadequate pre-tensioned tensile values due to human factors, and high misoperation rates. Failure to record actual tensile results and untrue records.

To improve the quality of bridge prestressed construction, our company has developed an intelligent tension system for bridge prestressed construction quality, changed the old construction method, realized intelligent control of the entire tensioning process. And truly achieved “real-time tracking, Intelligent control, and timely error correction. ” While effectively ensuring the quality of prestressed tensioning construction, the construction management level and efficiency have been greatly improved. In addition, greater economic and social benefits have been created.

Tension System Machine

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Post-Tensioning System Manufacturers

YG produces the most advanced prestressed fully automatic CNC post-tensioning system machine in China, SKYB-50 type prestressed fully automatic CNC tensioning system equipment. We also sell strand pushers, post-tension jacks, ZB series electric oil pumps, anchor tools. Our clients are all over the world and they speak highly of our products. We have our engineers and a group of experienced workers and they devote themselves to innovation and new technology and they try to improve the performance of the machine. Meanwhile, YG has always insisted quality makes success. Just contact us whatever you need and we’ll offer you the best service.

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