High-pressure electric oil pump, also called electric hydraulic oil pump, is special equipment used to provide tensioning force for prestressed jacks during prestressed tensioning. It consists of the lower pump body, control valve, motor, oil pump casing, and pipeline. Usually, it’s used with a tensioning jack. The box body is welded by thin steel plates, and the oil pump body is directly immersed in the oil, which is conducive to the pump’s tricks and lubrication. The high-pressure pipe uses Φ10 × 2.5 seamless steel pipe, and the low-pressure pipe uses Φ11 × 0.5 transparent plastic pipe.

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High-Pressure Electric Oil Pump Working Principle

The motor drives the shaft to rotate, during the rotation of the shaft, the plunger is pressed into the plunger sleeve by the swashplate on the shaft, and the return spring is caused by its elastic force The column race is tightly attached to the thrust bearing surface, and the alternate action of the shaft and the spring causes the plunger to reciprocate in the plunger sleeve to achieve the purpose of sucking and discharging oil so that the oil outlet can get continuous and even pressure oil. The high-pressure electric oil pump has a total of six plungers, arranged equally on the circumference, and is divided into two oil discharge paths. Each oil discharge path consists of three plunger pairs spaced 120 degrees apart from each other.

The Control Valve of High-Pressure Electric Oil Pump

The control valve belongs to an important part of the electric hydraulic oil pump. It’s composed of two left and right valve bodies with the same structure. The throttle valve is an adjustable cone valve. The flow rate into the working cylinder is adjusted by changing the size of the cross-section of the valve clearance. The unloading valve is a manual shut-off valve. Open the unloading valve and the oil in the working cylinder can flow back to the tank. The pressure-holding valve is a one-way valve, which is used to cut off the high-pressure oil refueling path in the working cylinder of the tensioning jack to ensure that the jack can hold the load without returning oil when the vehicle is stopped or idle. The safety valve relies on the spring pressure to limit the maximum pressure of the system.

High-Pressure Electric Oil Pump


Model YBZ-50×2
Power Source Electricity
Power 3Kw
Voltage 380V
Pressure 50Mpa
Flow 2*2L/min
Weight 120Kg

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Installation Precautions

  1. Throttle valve pressure should be stable;
  2. Never start the high-pressure electric oil pump without oil in the fuel tank;
  3. It is forbidden to pressurize the left and right valves at the same time;
  4. The pressure of the unloading valve should be relieved to avoid damaging the pressure gauge;
  5. Prevent the electric hydraulic oil pump from tipping over;
  6. Replace the qualified pressure oil in time if the viscosity of the pressure oil drops or deteriorates.

The Operation Cautions 

  1. The power wiring should be connected with a neutral wire, and the insulation of each place should be checked at any time to avoid electric shock; when using it, the connection of the power cord or the opening contact should be checked frequently to prevent the motor from being burned due to lack of phase operation.
  2. The oil pipes and joints shall be manufactured by the specifications and checked at any time to avoid burst accidents. Do not disassemble the joints, pipes and oil meters when the oil pump is under pressure.
  3. The control valve should be opened before starting (no-load start). When using, check whether the pressure adjustment of the safety valve is appropriate, and always ensure sensitivity and reliability.
  4. The bearings mounted on the upper body should be replaced with lubricants promptly according to the situation.
  5. When the oil level is too low, the flat bearing in the pump body should not work under pressure for a long time when the oil level is exposed.
High-Pressure Oil Pump

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High-Pressure Electric Oil Pump in YG

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