What is Strand Pusher?

Strand pusher is also called prestress strand pusher, strand pushing machine. It’s one of the prestressing machines. The strand pusher is mainly composed of a stranding machine and a cutting machine. It’s usually working with prestressing equipment such as post-tension jacks. A length counter for calculating the length of the strands passing through the stranding machine is provided. The motor of the beam-piercing machine, the lifting motor and cutting motor of the cutting machine, and the length counter are connected to the computer control circuit in the control box through a wire.

The strand pushing machine is driven by mechanical transmission. The rollers hold the stranded wire for transmission. The strand pushing machine is widely used in large bridges and box beams. Currently, in the country’s large-scale high-speed railway construction, prefabricated beams are an indispensable process in high-speed rail, and steel strand cutting and cable passing is the first process in prestressed construction.

Main Parameters

Model YGM15-1 YGM15-2 YGM15-3
Strand Dia. 15.2mm 15.2mm 15.2mm
End Distance 50m 80m 160m
Power 2.2Kw 3Kw 5.5Kw
Weight 80Kg 110Kg 150Kg
Size (L*W*H) 600*600*360mm 800*600*360mm 800*600*360mm

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Strand Pusher Working Principle

The reducer drives the dual driving wheels to rotate, and the steel hinge wire is inserted from the wire inlet at one end. The driving wheel and the double cluster moving wheel press the steel hinge wire to move forward along the duct and enter the reserved channel until it passes through the other end of the channel to reach tension use size. First, insert the steel hinged line of the rack from the inlet of the strand pusher, and click the cable entry button switch to slowly enter the steel hinged line into the machine, enter the reserved channel along the conduit to the other end to reach the reserved sheet. Pull the size and cut it with a hand-held sand turbine.

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Strand Pusher Features

  1. The strand pusher can reduce labor intensity.
  2. It can reduce the waste of steel strand material.
  3. It can save working space, make the exposed length of the steel strand consistent, increase the construction speed.
  4. It has an obvious effect, reliable performance, high energy saving efficiency, and it’s easy to operate.
  5. Strand pushers can move forward, retreat, make a continuous transmission, or jog transmission.
PC Strand Pusher

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What are the Operation Steps of Strand Pusher?

  1. Hang the steel strand bundle to the end of the precast beam, about 10 meters away from the precast beam, fix it with a steel strand cage, and open the bundle.
  2. Install the strand pushing machine in place.
  3. Pass one end of the stranded wire end through the strand pusher.
  4. At the other end of the beam, the power of the strand pusher is turned on and it starts to work.
  5. When the stranded wire reaches the other end of the beam and reaches the required exposed length of the stranded wire, the power supply controller turns off the power supply of the cable passing machine and enters the stranded wire.
  6. Wear the following steel strand.

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Be Attention

  1. Check if the electrical circuit is intact, and the oil level position in the reducer.
  2. Check if the direction of motor rotation is consistent with the direction marked by the arrow on the casing.
  3. Turn on the power, and make sure the forward and reverse rotations.
  4. When the conveying distance cannot be reached. You can adjust the spring wheel on the machine can to tighten the spring screws until it meets the working requirements. But it cannot be adjusted too tightly. So as not to increase the wear of the pressure wheel and reduce the service life during operation.
  5. When working, pay attention to whether the operation is normal. When any fault is found, stop the machine immediately, check the cause, and then restart.
Post-tensioning Strand Pusher Machine

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Maintenance of Strand Pusher

  1. Regularly check the wear of the lubricating oil and pressure roller in the strand pushing machine. When the adjustment of the pressure roller cannot reach the level of use, it should be replaced in time.
  2. After using the strand pusher, please place it in a dry and rain-free environment.
  3. Before using the machine, pay attention to the switch button. Check if it is loose.
Post-tensioning System Pusher Machine

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