Clay Brick Making Machine For Sale In Nigeria

Clay Brick Making Machine For Sale in Nigeria

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In early December, YG received a payment from Nigeria for ordering a clay brick making machine. This Nigeria clay brick making machine is used to produce clay bricks for construction. In order to realize the production of three types of bricks, the customer ordered two additional sets of brick-making molds. The clay brick making machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, low investment, and quick results. Therefore, this clay brick-making machine has become popular among customers from Nigeria, Cape Verde, Zimbabwe, Senegal, and many other African countries.

YG Clay Brick Machine Shipping Picture
YG Clay Brick Machine Shipping Picture

Nigeria Clay Brick Making Machine Overview

The following are the parameters of the clay brick making machine purchased by Nigerian customers. In fact, YG offers a variety of clay brick-making machines, automatic brick-making machines, small brick making machines, etc. In addition, YG also provides various types of brick-making machines such as hollow bricks, concrete bricks, and fly ash bricks. Contact YG block brick making machine manufacturer to get the clay brick making machine price.

Clay Brick Pattern
Clay Brick Pattern
Main Machine Power8.5kw
Period time20S
Control SystemPLC system
Total Power8.5kw
Blender modelYG-350
Workshop area30㎡

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Advantages of Clay Brick Making Machine

YG clay brick making machine is a brick making equipment developed on the basis of absorbing excellent technology from home and abroad. By changing the brick making the mold, it can produce bricks of several different brick types. The clay bricks produced are good in shape, thick and stable, and have good heat resistance. YG clay brick machine is small in size, easy to move, and low in investment cost, which has become the first choice of many initial investors and small and medium-sized brick manufacturers.

Automatic Clay Brick Making Machine

Brick Size Produced by Clay Brick Machine

SizeReference picturePCS/moldPCS/HPCS/8H
230*220*115mm Clay Brick Sample 123602880
230*180*115mm Clay Brick Sample 223602880
230*220*115mm Clay Brick Sample 323602880
230*220*115mm Clay Brcik Sample 423602880
230*180*115mm Clay Brcik Sample 523602880
230*140*115mm Clay Brick Sample 623602880

The above are the different brick types and production capacities that the clay brick making machine can produce. The above are just some of the brick types that the brick making machine can produce. YG can also customize according to customers’ production needs. Please send us your needs, we will customize the machine according to your needs.

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