small brick making machine

Small Brick Making Machine for Sale in Congo

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At the beginning of this month, we received an inquiry about a small brick making machine from Congo. We got in touch with him according to the contact he left. Our sales manager discussed and confirmed lots of details with our customers, like the brick shapes, brick size, production capacity, and so on. After a few days of communication, he finally decided to purchase our small block brick-making machine because of our sincere service, good quality, high-cost performance, etc. We have more than 18 years of engineering machine manufacturing and exploration experience. Are you looking for a reliable block brick-making machine manufacturer? Get in touch with us to learn more details.

small brick making machine
small brick making machine

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Parameter of the Small Brick Making Machine

Molding cycle35s
Plat size850*550*30mm
manual brick making machine
manual brick making machine

Which Machine Is Used to Make Bricks?

Block brick making machines are divided into two categories: vacuum brick-making machines and burn-free brick-making machines. The former uses soil to produce bricks, which requires a lot of soil and is relatively wasteful of resources. The latter make bricks by using waste coal gangue, shale, stone powder, fly ash, slag, slag, gravel, sand, etc. And the finished bricks does not go through the firing process, which is more environmentally friendly and saves resources. The small hopper brick-making machine can realize a semi-automatic production line through matching conveyor belts and mixers, greatly increasing output and saving labor. It is simple to operate, has multiple uses in one machine, and can replace multiple molds to produce cement products of various specifications.

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How Much Is The Small Brick Making Machine in Congo?

There are different types of small brick making machines for sale in Congo. The price is different for different machines with different specifications. Some types are equipped with hoppers, but some others do not the hoppers. In addition, the freight also is a part of the total price, depending on the distance between two places and the weight of the equipment. If you are interested in it, please get in touch with us to get more detailed information.

block brick making machine for sale
block brick making machine for sale

Small Brick Making Machine Manufacturer

YG Machinery is a professional brick making machine manufacturer engaged in construction projects for more than 18 years. Besides the small manual brick making machines, we also provides concrete brick making machines, clay brick making machines, block brick making machines, etc. Welcome to contact us to get more details.

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