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Fiber Laser Engraving Machine VS Laser Cutting Machine

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What is the difference between a fiber laser engraving machine and a laser cutting machine?

The fiber laser engraving machine and the laser cutting machine are essentially the same. YG laser equipment can be used for laser engraving and laser cutting. Depending on the main application, two terms are used. If the laser equipment is mainly used for cutting, it is usually called a laser cutting machine. If the main application is laser engraving, it is called a fiber laser engraving machine. In the following, the precise processing operations of laser cutting and laser engraving will be introduced in detail.

YG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Factory
YG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Factory

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What is the working principle of a fiber laser engraving machine?

During laser engraving, the laser can engrave shapes, graphics, or pictures (such as JPG or PNG) on various materials. In this process, the processed material is cut off little by little. The material is cut line by line. That is: the laser moves horizontally along each line of the engraving. This processing method is mesh carving. In addition, you can also use this method to sculpt surfaces or shapes. For example, photos, pictures, LOGO, inlays, fine thick font engravings, seal faces, etc. Contact us to get a fiber laser engraving machine price if you need it.

fiber laser engraving machine price
Fiber Laser Engraving Machine Price

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What is the working principle of laser cutting?

Laser cutting processing is a thermal peeling process. In this process, the laser beam will move and cut according to a predetermined geometric shape. Like laser engraving, laser cutting can also cut various materials. Vector-based graphics files (geometric shapes composed of straight lines and curves) are the basis of laser cutting. In addition, you can use this process to cut and process various shapes. For example, letters, signs, labels, etc. And for laser cutting of previously engraved materials.

fiber laser cutting head
fiber laser cutting head

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Can YG laser equipment perform both laser engraving and cutting operations?

Yes, YG laser equipment can perform laser engraving and laser cutting processing operations at the same time.

YG Machinery provides various types of laser equipment. You can use it for laser engraving and laser cutting of different types of materials. For the corresponding laser processing tasks, There are perfect corresponding functions (such as a cutting table, focusing lens, etc.) with YG laser equipment.

YG cnc laser cutter cut sample show
YG cnc laser cutter cut sample show

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Mainly want to apply for laser cutting processing?

YG laser equipment supply customizes service to customer needs. Laser cutting is usually used for large areas of material. The cutting speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and the cutting edge is clean. For this reason, it need higher laser power (watts) usually. For example, our large laser cutting machine is suitable for mass laser cutting processing of acrylic sheets, medium density fiberboards, textiles, etc.

fiber laser cutting machine cutting effect
fiber laser cutting machine cutting effect

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Mainly for laser engraving processing applications?

Users who mainly need laser engraving processing usually need a laser processing system with a small working area and specially designed for laser processing at the highest speed. For engraving glass, wood, plastic, leather, paper, stone, fabric, and other materials. YG Laser recommends its YG series laser engraving machine.

fiber laser engraving machine for metal
Fiber Laser Engraving Machine For Metal

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Know more about the YG fiber laser engraving machine?

The laser expert team of YG Machinery is very happy to answer any questions you have about laser equipment and laser processing applications. And help you discover more application possibilities of laser equipment and create higher profits. One laser equipment, countless processing application possibilities. At the same time, we sincerely invite you to visit our prototype exhibition hall to learn about laser processing applications and test your samples and applications for free.

YG cnc fiber laser cutting machine factory
YG Laser Equipment factory

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