threaded rebar couplers price

Threaded Rebar Couplers Price

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YG threaded rebar couplers price

The use of reinforced straight threaded sleeves is becoming wider and wider. It has also been unanimously recognized by more builders. If you are looking for a rebar processing machine, please feel free to contact us. As a professional threaded rebar couplers manufacturer, YG Machinery has a series-high quality cheap threaded rebar couplers price for you.

In addition to the threaded rebar couplers, what other mechanical connection methods are there for steel reinforcement? The commonly used steel bar mechanical connection joint types in the market are as follows.

steel bar straight thread coupler supplier
Steel Bar Straight Thread Coupler Supplier

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Straight thread connection joint

Equal-strength straight threaded joints are the latest international trend of steel connection in the 1990s. The equal-strength straight thread connection joint has stable and reliable quality and high connection strength. It is comparable to the sleeve squeeze connection joint. Moreover, it has the characteristics of convenient construction and fast speed of the taper threaded joint. Therefore, the emergence of straight thread connection technology has brought a qualitative leap in reinforcement connection technology. Please tell us your requirement if you want to get threaded rebar couplers price.

At present, the straight thread connection technology in our country is showing a blossoming scene, and a variety of straight thread connection forms have appeared. Straight thread connection joints mainly include upsetting straight thread connection joints and rolling straight thread connection joints. These two processes use different processing methods to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the end thread of the steel bar and achieve the purpose of strengthening the joint and the base material of the steel bar.

different size of threaded rebar couplers
Different Size of Threaded Rebar Couplers

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Cone thread connection joint price

A joint formed by the taper thread of the steel bar end and the taper thread of the connector. The birth of taper thread connection technology overcomes the shortcomings of sleeve extrusion connection technology. The taper thread head is completely prefabricated in advance. On-site connection takes up a short period of time, and only a torque wrench is required to operate on-site. Contact us to get threaded rebar couplers price for your reference.

There is no need to move equipment and pull wires, which is well received by construction units. However, the quality of taper threaded joints is not stable enough. Because the small diameter of the processed thread weakens the cross-sectional area of the base material, thereby reducing the joint strength, generally it can only reach 85-95% of the actual tensile strength of the base material.

Cone thread connection joint
Cone Thread Connection Joint

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Sleeve extrusion connection joint price

The joint formed by plastically deforming the steel sleeve of the connecting piece and tightly meshing with the ribbed steel bar through the squeezing force. There are two forms, radial extrusion connection, and axial extrusion connection. Due to the inconvenient construction of the axial extrusion connection on-site and the insufficient stability of the joint quality, it has not been promoted. The connection joint of the radial extrusion connection technology has been popularized and used in a large area. The sleeve extrusion connection joints used in the project are all radial extrusion connections. Due to its excellent quality, sleeve extrusion joints have been widely used in construction projects in my country since the early 1990s.

Sleeve extrusion connection joint
Sleeve Extrusion Connection Joint

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Grouting type steel bar connection

Full grouted steel-reinforced sleeve grouting connecting sleeve. The principle of grouting connection technology is to use the concave and convex parts of the sleeve. Two steel bars that need to be connected are inserted from the end, and a grouting machine injects high-strength grouting material from one end of the grouting port. The grout has the ability to shrink and expand, so after the grout is hardened, the steel bar and the sleeve are tightly combined into a whole. It is precise because of the nature of the grouting material that the internal compactness of the sleeve is ensured. Under the constraints of the sleeve, the steel bars are also firmly bonded. Therefore, this connection method has high tensile and compression resistance and connection reliability.

Semi-grouted steel-reinforced sleeve grouting connection. Tightening the thread between the thread and the sleeve at one end of the steel bar is the occlusion between the threads to bear the required transmission stress. The other end is the connecting steel bar, and the non-shrinking cement-based mortar is poured. After hardening, the friction between the steel bar and the grout, the grout, and the sleeve caused by the friction between the three will transmit force to make the two steel bars connect.

Rebar connection grouting sleeve
Rebar Connection Grouting Sleeve

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Hot sale threaded rebar couplers price

The above are several ways of mechanical connection of steel bars organized by YG rebar machinery equipment company for everyone. Hope to help you through the above introduction. If you need a rebar straightening and cutting machine. Rebar bending machine. Rebar upsetting machine. Thread rolling machine. Steel straight thread rolling machine. Steel straight thread sleeve or a steel connecting sleeve, welcome to YG Machinery. Our company provides you with high-quality products, equipment maintenance, technical support, one-stop to meet your needs.

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