The flower basket tablet press is a kind of single punch tablet press machine, it is a small continuous automatic tablet compression machine. Since this equipment is developed on the basis of a single-punch tablet press, it is suitable for use in small-batch production, laboratories, hospitals, and other departments. The flower basket tablet press is suitable for pressing difficult-to-form powder tablets, such as ceramic powder, metal powder, etc. It can press the powder into tablets of various styles such as annular tablets and special-shaped tablets, and it can also engrave text, trademarks, patterns, etc.

Flower Basket Type Tablet Press
Flower Basket Type Tablet Press

Single Punch Flower Basket Tablet Press Application

The flower basket tablet press machine is suitable for pressing granular, crystal, or powder with good fluidity into tablets, and those with poor fluidity need to add excipients. Therefore, it is suitable for pressing medicines, sugar tablets, electronic components, sanitary products, tea, metallurgy, ceramics, moth balls, salt baths, etc.

Flower Basket Tablet Compression Machine Application

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Machine Parameters

Working pressure(kn)60100150200250300450
Upper punch max. travel (mm)80100110110120130140
Loading height(mm)4050708090100120
Lower mold diameter(mm)2060115115130140100
Max. Tablet diameter (mm)30505565808590
Production times(times/min)252520-4020-3515-3515-3212-25
Motor Power (kW)1.13.734456
Machine size(mm)685*566*1610666*860*18242120*980*9602100*1000*10602180*1000*10802240*1000*10402330*1165*1080
Machine Weight(kg)52077011001100110011001100
Single Punch Flower Basket Tablet Press Manufacturer
Single Punch Flower Basket Tablet Press Manufacturer

Advantages of Flower Basket Tablet Press

  • It adopts the stainless steel feed port, which is clean and hygienic and meets the requirements of GMP.
  • The pressure regulator on the equipment can adjust the tablet’s pressing pressure according to demand.
  • The YG flower basket tablet press manufacturer supports customization services and can customize molds of different shapes and specifications. Moreover, it is very convenient to replace the mold, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes, meeting the needs of customers who want to use one machine to produce multiple products.
  • Equipped with a thickness regulator, the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted according to actual needs.
  • The smooth outlet effectively prevents the tablet from being squeezed and deformed when it is discharged.
  • It is stable in work and widely applicable. It is the equipment for pressing various powder materials such as ceramics, carbon powder, abrasive tools, and abrasive materials into tablets.

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