The rotary tablet press machine is a device that presses granular raw materials into solid shapes. It is widely used in many fields such as medicine, health care products, food, electronics, chemical industry, such as pressing pharmaceutical tablets, candies, etc. The rotary tablet compression machine can press raw material into round, oval, double-shaped, ring-shaped, special-shaped, and so on. In addition, YG also provides mold customization services, which can be customized according to your needs. And, YG also provides small single-punch tablet presses, double-punch tablet presses, effervescent tablet presses, and other equipment.

Rotary Tablet Compression Machine
Rotary Tablet Compression Machine

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Operation Video of Rotary Tablet Compression Machine

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Pill,Sugar Tablets
Pill, Sugar Tablets
Finished Tablets
Finished Tablets

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Structure of Rotary Tablet Pill Press Machine

Rotary Tablet Pill Press Machine Structure
Rotary Tablet Pill Press Machine Structure

The above is the machine structure of the rotary tablet press machine. Its main structure is the feeding bin, turntable, touch screen, and adjustment hand wheel. Among them, there are upper and lower punching guide rails and various mechanisms on the working turntable. The turntable drives one circle to complete the processes of feeding, filling, tablet pressing, and discharging. What actually presses the tablet is a pair of upper and lower pressing wheels on the frame. Therefore, the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted by adjusting the gap between the upper and lower pressing wheels.

Machine Working Principle

The rotary tablet press is driven by a motor to rotate the turntable. During the rotation of the turntable, the upper and lower punches move up and down under the action of the guide rail. Turning the turntable once can drive the die to pass through the feeding, filling mechanism, pressing mechanism, and tablet discharging mechanism in order to complete the process of continuous tablet compression. The upper and lower punches are of different lengths, and the die can adjust the shape and dosage of the tablet.

Rotary Tablet Machine Details
Rotary Tablet Machine Details

Parameters of Rotary Tablet Compression Machine

Rotary tablet presses are available in a variety of models. According to the number of strokes, there are 16 strokes, 19 strokes, 27 strokes, 33 strokes, and so on. According to the process, there are single processes, double processes, and so on. A single-process tablet press has only one set of rollers, while a dual-process tablet press has two sets of rollers.

Punch quantity(sets)151719
Max. Tablet Pressure (kn)606060
Max.tablet diameter(mm)222013
Max.filling depth(mm)151515
Max.tablet thickness(mm)666
Turret rotation speed(r/min)373737
Production capacity(pc/h)350004000042000
Machine size(mm)615*890*1415615*890*1415615*890*1415
Machine weight(kg)700700700

The above are some parameters of some single-press rotary tablet machines. YG provides single press, double press, and other rotary tablet presses for sale. If you are interested in this equipment, please contact us to get a quotation for a rotary tablet press.

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Pill Rotary Tablet Press Machine Working Process

The working process of the rotary tablet press machine is filling, tablet pressing, and tablet discharge. It is an automatic continuous tableting machine, and the three processes are carried out continuously. The entire operation process of the rotary tablet press is simple, and all tablet pressing processes are completed on the turntable. Among them, the tableting structure is mainly composed of three parts: upper punch, middle die, and lower punch. The tails of the upper and lower punches are embedded on the fixed curved guide rail. When the turntable rotates, the upper and lower punches rise and fall with the guide rail to achieve the purpose of tablet pressing.

Rotary Candy Pill Tablet Press Machine Turntable

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Features of Rotary Tablet Press Machine

  • Wide range of applications. Rotary tablet machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, ceramics, electronics, plastics, and powder metallurgy industries.
  • The machine meets the GMP standard for pharmaceutical production, so it can be applied in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The turntable adopts ball-milled cast iron, pressed by solid bar material, with strong hardness, heat resistance, and wear resistance.
  • The rotary tablet press has a large pressure and a wide range of tablet pressing and can press round, oval, double-layer tablets, special-shaped tablets, and other shapes of tablets.
  • The compressed tablet has a suitable hardness, good appearance, and shape, high internal quality, and is not easy to break.
  • Double suction on the turntable, six suction ports on the upper and lower sides, good powder removal effect, and the surface of the turntable is clean.
  • The tablet pressing part is completely separated from the transmission mechanism, and the tablet pressing area is surrounded by transparent glass to prevent pollution.
  • Easy to operate. All controls and adjustments of the rotary tablet press are mechatronically controlled and easy to operate.
  • Equipped with pressure overload protection device to avoid machine damage.

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