YG company team building activity-Yuntai Mountain

YG Team Activity|Pretty Smile, Happy Journey

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We met at YG Team
Just like fireflies met the stars
Trip to Yuntai Mountain
Created this wonderful summer

YG people set out by buses
YG people set out by buses

July 18, 2020
Henan Yugong Machinery
Work hard, live happily” theme activity started
Colleagues assembled early in the morning
Take two comfortable buses
Head towards Yuntai Mountain
This time
Don’t talk about work&business
Only life and happiness

YG Team Pretty photos
YG Team Pretty photos

Rigorous&serious at work
Cheerful&lively in life
Is the label of YG People

The most beautiful section of the Taihang Mountains
Yuntai Mountain
Like a fairyland in the sky

Beautiful Yuntai Mountain-Pretty YG Girls
Beautiful Yuntai Mountain-Pretty YG Girls

First station-Red Stone Canyon
Blue water, Red canyon, Singing bird, Swimming fish
Like the current development situation of YG

Amazing Red Stone Canyon
Amazing Red Stone Canyon

Arrive at Xiaozhaigou in the afternoon
Here is also called North Jiuzhaigou
Three steps one spring, five steps one waterfall, ten steps one pool
Team walk together
Watching macaque, paddling bamboo raft

YG company paddling bamboo raft
Paddling Bamboo Raft

In the evening
2020 YG Spring Commendation Conference
Grandly held in the conference hall of Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot
In the past 100 days, YG’s output value exceeded 30 million
Outstanding achievement, Remarkable progress
A satisfactory summary for the last quarter

2020 YG Spring Commendation Conference
2020 YG Spring Commendation Conference
YG Commendation
2020 YG Spring Commendation Conference

The second day of team building
We arrived at Cornel Peak accompanies the breeze
Pass 15 mountains, 19 holes, more than 3,000 steps
Finally reached the top of Cornel Peak
Standing on the top of the mountain, clouds and mist surround the fairyland
Breathing air without PM2.5, feeling the freedom of wind
Sure enough, the higher up, the better the scenery!
Just like YG company
Go forward bravely and actively

YG Team Building Activity Perfect Ending
YG Team Building Activity Perfect Ending

Two days of the wonderful time
YG people press the pause button for work
Concentrate on mountains and rivers and harvest happiness.
These happy moments are like batteries
Fill us with energy
Put into work with a fuller spirit
Serve customers with greater enthusiasm
Life is warm&World is worth
Hope everyone can take dreams as horses and live freedom

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