YG multifunctional hospital bed for sale

Multifunctional hospital bed for sale, also known as medical bed, multi-function hydraulic nursing bed, smart electric health care bed, portable patient bed, fowler bed. As a hospital bed manufacturer, YG Machinery has a professional adjustable hospital bed for sale with cheap hospital beds price. If you are looking for full electric hospital bed or semi-electric hospital bed, we will be your ideal choice. The following content lists several types of hot-selling multifunctional medical beds for sale recently. Or you can tell us what kind of nursing home bed do you need directly. You can get multifunctional adjustable hospital bed table customized services if you want to wholesale adjustable multifunctional nursing bed.

factory direct sale adjustable hospital bed price
Factory Direct Sale Adjustable Hospital Bed Price

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Functions of multifunctional adjustable hospital bed

The multifunctional nursing bed adopts a unique double-folded structure according to the pain suffered by the patient for years of bedridden. The nursing home bed for sale surface is a special soft cushion structure so that the bed surface can be adjusted to be flat or horizontal. Medical bed for sale with functions such as getting up and defecation (closed type can be flushed to reduce indoor odor). Leave your message to get a cheap multifunctional hospital bed for sale price right now.

The adjustable hospital bed for sale adopts a unique design as a physiotherapy magnetic pad, which plays a health care role. Physiotherapy magnetic pad can stimulate blood circulation, improve the level of care. And improve the quality of life of patients. A series of difficult problems in nursing. Multifunctional medical bed for sale are no longer exclusive to hospitals. Nursing home beds with home-style designs have also emerged, which have gradually entered the family and played a great role in home care. If you need multifuctional hospital beds for home use, please leave your message.

wholesale adjustable hospital bed for sale
Wholesale Adjustable Hospital Bed For Sale

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Five basic functions

Getting up: Sleep to lying function available, from 0-80 degree.
Bent legs: Both upper and lower curved legs function. legs bending to 40-50degree good for massage blood circulation for certain period.
Turn over: The turn over function prevents the inconvenience caused by the patient staying in a lying position for a long time. Relieve back pressure.
Guardrail: rounded corners drop slowly, safe and reliable, easy to operate.

Six auxiliary functions

Infusion, foot washing, hair washing, bowel aid, moving, eating.
Please contact us if you just need reliable professional adjustable multifunctional hospital bed for sale.

multifunctional patient bed price
Multifunctional Patient Bed Function

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Hot selling list of multifunctional hospital bed

We have full electric hospital bed for sale, semi-electric hospital bed for sale, manual nursing bed for sale. And manual and electric dual-purpose nursing bed for sale at cheap price. You can make the best choice to buy hospital bed according to your specific needs and budget.

Model Bent Leg Getting Up Turn Over Toilet Hole Bed Dimension
YG-H01 -45°~35° 0°~75° 0°~45° 270*200mm 1980*900mm
YG-H02 -55°~35° 0°~75° 0°~35° 270*200mm 1980*1000mm
YG-H03 -55°~30° 0°~80° 0°~20° 270*200mm 2030*900mm
YG-H04 -35°~40° 0°~75° 0°~30° 270*200mm 2030*900mm

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Full electric hospital bed for sale price

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full electric hospital bed for sale
Full Electric Hospital Bed For Sale
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ABS headboard
Cold rolled steel bed frame
High-quality double-sided silent casters
Integrated ABS slow down guardrail
Anti-wetting mattress
Anti-slip sliding design of the bed surface
Fully electric control
Intelligent timing turn over, one button sit up

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Manual medical bed for sale price

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manual multi function hospital bed
Manual multi-function Nursing Bed
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ABS headboard
Cold rolled steel bed frame
High-quality single-sided silent casters
Wood grain color foldable guardrail
Integral punching bed surface
10CM high density foam mattress
Manual control
Standard limit screw

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