Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Tablets

When exposed to water, chlorine dioxide tablet can produce yellow-green chlorine dioxide gas molecules, which have the functions of oxidation, disinfection and deodorization. Chlorine dioxide tablets has been recognized by the world health organization and the food and agriculture organization. Grade A1 disinfectant is the internationally recognized safe, efficient, non-toxic, no residue of the green disinfection.

Chlorine dioxide tablet ClO2 touch the release of a new ecological oxygen and microorganism hypochlorous acid molecules and produce a strong sterilization effect. This strong oxidation is mainly manifested in the attack on negative electrons or electron-donating atoms or groups. And then, the forcibly grabbing of electrons causes the oxidation and decomposition of amino acids in microorganisms, inhibits their growth and kills them. So as to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. Protein denaturation in the process of sterilization. But it has no effect on higher animal cells basically.

ClO2 chlorine dioxide pills
ClO2 Chlorine Dioxide Pills

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YG chlorine dioxide tablets information

Main ingredients: ClO 2 effervescent tablets
Chlorine dioxide content: 8%±0.8%
Specifications: 1g/piece,100 g/bottle
Character: White agent piece
Method of use: Pour the disinfection liquid into the appropriate amount of water to use.

YG chlorine dioxide tablet factory direct sale. We have chlorine dioxide tablets 20 gram/per tablet, 1g/piece. In addition, we have chlorine dioxide tablets bulk for sale.

chlorine dioxide tablets for water purification
Chlorine Dioxide Tablets For Water Purification

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Effect of chlorine dioxide disinfection tablets

Chlorine dioxide is a broad-spectrum, highly effective sterilant. Many foreign studies have shown that chlorine dioxide can kill many pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus at very low concentrations (0.1ppm). Even under the interference of organic matter, at a concentration of tens of ppm, all microorganisms such as bacterial propagules, hepatitis viruses, phages and bacterial spores can be completely killed. Contact us if you are looking for a reliable potable aqua chlorine dioxide water purification tablets supplier.

chlorine dioxide tablet effect
Chlorine Dioxide Tablet Effect

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Advantages of chlorine dioxide tablet

Broad-spectrum: ClO2 chlorine dioxide pills can kill viruses, bacteria, protists, algae, fungi and various spores and spore-forming bacteria.

High efficiency: Chlorine dioxide gas tablets can kill all bacterial propagules and many pathogenic bacteria under 0.1ppm, and 50ppm can completely kill bacterial propagules, hepatitis virus, bacteriophage and bacterial spores.

Less affected by temperature: The bactericidal efficacy is basically the same at low temperature and higher temperature.

Wide range of pH applications: Chlorine dioxide disinfection tablets can maintain high sterilization efficiency in the range of pH 2 to 10.

Safe and no residue: Chlorine dioxide tablets haven’t chlorination reaction with organic matter, no generation of tripartite substances and other toxic substances.

No irritation to the human body: When chlorine dioxide ClO2 is less than 500ppm, its effect can be ignored. And below 100ppm hasn’t any effect on people.

chlorine dioxide tablet disinfection
Chlorine Dioxide Tablet Features

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Chlorine dioxide tablet disinfection usage

Disinfected object Concentration ratio and method of use
Table/ wardrobe/sofa 1 tablet in 1l water, spray or wipe with a cloth
Fruits/vegetables/cutlery 1 tablet in 500ml water, soak for 10 minutes to wash down
Refrigerator tablet in 2l water, spray or wipe with a cloth
Clothing/Textiles 1tablet in 5L water, soak for 5 minutes to wash down
disinfection of indoor air tablet in 500ml-1l water,spray
Pet supplies tablet in 8L water, spray or wipe with a cloth
floor tablet in 500ml water, spray or mop the floor
Surface of common objects tablet in 1l water, spray or wipe with a cloth
Bathtub/swimming pool tablet in every 300L water
Tap water/well water tablet in every 200L water
Aquaculture/Fishtank 1 tablet in every 1000L(1ton) water
chlorine dioxide water purification tablets
Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets

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Applications of chlorine dioxide disinfection tablets

1): Disinfection of life, drinking and running water on various occasions.

2): Sterilization and air environment disinfection of hotels, households, stall tableware and sanitary facilities.

3): Final sterilization and sterilization of equipment, pipes, and containers in food, beverage factories, and fermentation industries.

4): Sterilization of pipelines, facilities and the environment in dairy plants and slaughterhouses.

5): Sterilization of hospital sewage.

6): Disinfection&sterilization of circulating water in the swimming pool and bathwater.

7): Deodorization, disinfection, sterilization, deodorization and anti-mildew treatment of medical, sanitary and clinical instruments.

8): Preservation&sterilization of households, hotels, restaurants, fruits and vegetables, and fish foods and final rinse and disinfection of sanitary appliances.

9): Secondary disinfection treatment of high-rise building water supply.

10): It is equipped with various oral disinfectants, deodorant fluids and wound cleaning fluids.

11): Air cleaning, disinfection and deodorization in public places and air conditioning and ventilation systems. Disinfection of patients.

12): Disinfection of livestock farms and drinking water, prevention of fish and shrimp diseases, disinfection of pond water, etc.

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chlorine dioxide tablets application
Chlorine Dioxide Tablets Application

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